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The Body Glove Toughsuit Phone Case - Reviews

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My Samsung Galaxy S3 in the Body Glove Mobile
When I got my phone, the store rep emphasized to me how delicate the SIII screen is and how the large surface area makes it even more liable to being crushed. True to his word, the phone screen cracked within a couple of months, and I spent over $300 to repair it. So I was really on the lookout for a sturdier phone case to protect the quite expensive phone. This review is sponsored by the Body Glove Mobile online store who sent me a free toughsuit phone case for my Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The tough suit protection of this body glove phone case is made up of four parts:

- A transparent plastic sheet which protects the phone's glass front;
- A hard shell which protects the back, and which extends beyond the phone's front;
- A gel case which adds more protection to the front and back;
- A hard plastic holder which allows you to attach the phone to a belt

The Gel Case
The belt holder
The transparent sheet and the hard shell
All four parts of the Bodyglove tough suit phone case

Here are the things I liked about the case:

- It was fairly straightforward to put it on my phone. In addition, both the hard shell and the gel case were designed well so that they stayed together tightly around the phone.

- I felt that it definitely reduced the chance of my phone being damaged. The gel case projected out beyond the glass surface of the phone, so if the phone dropped on the floor, the edge of the case would hit the ground before the glass surface. The gel case was also reinforced with hard plastic at the corners, so this offered more protection to the phone if the corner of the phone hit the ground. Lastly, the plastic clear sheet helped to protect the glass surface from being scratched.

- I like that the case did not make it harder to use my phone, especially with the parts that still needed to be exposed (like the camera, the speakers, the charging port, headphone jack and the volume controls. In fact, the case was actually an improvement over the volume control on the phone, because it separated the control into two buttons, making it easier for me to work out which button to press to increase/reduce the volume.

Though I didn't feel that I needed the plastic belt holder, I liked that if I chose to use it, I could rotate the holder handle so that it didn't matter how I put the phone in the holder.

Here are the things I didn't like so much:

- It was tricky getting my phone out of the hard shell - this involved the use of a coin or a similar flat object. This could be difficult if there isn't a coin to use.

- The clear plastic sheet sometimes got stuck to the phone's glass surface, creating a distracting pattern. I resolved this by wiping the inside of the sheet with a damp sheet.

Overall, I was quite happy with this protective case, and I would rate it 4 stars out of 5.

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  1. You cracked your screen?? Ouch. I have the SIII, too, and I have a simple case on it. It has fallen to concrete several times (most recently was two days ago), and it has even done back flips on the concrete, but to God be the glory - lol - it has not cracked. Whew!

    $300 to fix it? Damn. I didn't even pay $300 to buy it.

    1. The phone was bought out of contract for almost $700 but it still pained to spend that amount repairing the screen. You're lucky with the case you have, mine didn't have any case at all in the beginning.


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