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The Adventures of a Miss Series - Episode 1

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Why am I still single oh Lord? These were my first thoughts this early Monday morning. I didn’t think I should be grateful that I was alive oh, or was able to get out of my bed with no problem or that I have a job and a business to go to this morning. My thoughts were consumed by one of my best friend’s weddings I attended this past weekend. I’m the last one in my group of friends who is still single, Semi and Tayo are married, Sope is engaged and Kehinde has been with her boo for a year and half now.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I do want a man who is mine and I don’t want to settle for just anyone out of desperation. It’s not like there are no guys. I am a beautiful woman and there are always at least 2 or 3 guys trying to wife me up, but they just don’t feel right or am I just too picky? I have prayed and I know for a fact that they are not my God ordained husbands.

The first one Muhammad is a Muslim and while there is nothing wrong with being Muslim, it goes against everything I believe in. I think of my life with him wrapped up in my hijab all the time and I’d have to convert my religion and raise my kids to be Muslim. I don’t think it’s something I want to do at all and in all honesty I have completely shut down any feelings that may develop there. Although he’s still trying to convince me by giving me lavish gifts every week. I have never known a man as persuasive as him, but even with all the gifts I know in my heart it’s not going to happen.

Secondly, I have Bolaji and he definitely lives up to the meaning of his name. Bolaji is filthy rich; he can literally wake up every morning for the rest of his life and still be rich. His dad is one of those people who rubbed shoulders with the likes of Awolowo and Tinubu back in the day and the money has not run out. When he turned 21, his dad gave him ten million dollars to start a business. At age 21? My mouth almost tore when he told me because when I turned 21 and graduated my parents sent me off with prayer.

Bolaji went crazy with the money and was manufacturing anything that needed manufacturing and now his company makes every necessity you see in supermarkets like bottled water, soap, even school supplies. His company has about 3 different locations and now at 28 he doesn’t work for anyone. He manages his company and attending seminars here and there. The problem with Bolaji is that because he has money he thinks he can have whatever he wants example me. He can’t wrap his head around the fact that I told him I I’m not sure I want to be his girlfriend, because in his mind why wouldn’t I want to be, like as if money is everything.

I don’t want to be someone’s property, I refuse but for now he’s my go to guy. I have a good job and all, but there are some things I can’t afford so since he is willing to lavish me with gifts and be my pretend man till I decide why not?

All this on a very early Monday Morning, I get up to start getting ready for work when I hear my phone buzzing.
“Hello” I sleepily said, my morning voice is not husky or anything sexy so I had to recompose myself.
“Hello” this time it was husky and sexy.
“Hey Toke, I’m sending the driver to pick you up at 7:15” Bolaji says. He’s obviously been up longer than I have from the sound of his voice.
“Yes, thanks jare, I’m just glad I don’t have to take a cab to work” I chimed
My car was bashed by some idiotic driver at the wedding this past weekend. I am just glad Bolaji came to my rescue and offered to get it fixed and all that.
“You’re welcome babe, are you still coming with me to the function tonight?” he asked
“Yes what time and what should I wear?” I don’t really feel like going anywhere on a Monday night after the weekend I just had, but he had promised we were going to London for the weekend to relax so I didn’t mind.
“I’ll have my stylist bring you some dresses to try on, we are hosting the president of Liberia so it’s somewhat formal” he said as a matter of fact.
Does he think I don’t have any dresses in my cupboard? Nonsense but I will not refuse the offer of new dresses.
“Sure, sounds good. I’ll see you later tonight”

As promised, Bolaji’s stylist was waiting when I got home and I tried on the most exquisite dresses before I finally decided on the first one that caught my eye. It was a blue floor length gown covered in lace. It had a low cut but only low enough that it was still very classy. Now to sort out my hair, make up and accessories were going to take a while. While jamming to Beyoncé in my bathroom, I hear my doorbell ring and I was hoping that it wasn’t Bolaji here to pick me up because I had not even begun to put on my makeup. I open the door and suddenly realize it’s the driver, had to cover up myself a little bit more with my robe.

“Madam, oga wan talk to you” He hands me the phone
“Babe I’ve called you like 4 times, what’s going on?” He says sternly. I was busy curling my hair that I didn’t even hear my phone buzzing at all
“Sorry oh, it’s charging in my room and I was in the bathroom getting ready, wassup are you on your way or something?”
“No I wanted to know what dress you picked so I could pick a tie”
Aww I thought to myself, he can be so cute sometimes “Bolaji you’re so cheesy, I picked the blue one though. What time should I be expecting you?”
“I’ll leave in like 15 mine so I’ll see you in 30?” he asked
“Sounds good” I hand the phone back and closed the door

The function was great, you’ll be surprised what you learn when you rub arms with all the movers and shakers of this country. It was cocktail hour after the presentation and all and I was just playing the role of the pretty woman on Bolaji’s arms seeing as I didn’t really have to say much. This was not my field; I studied engineering so politics and business are not things that I naturally have an interest in. I excuse myself for the bathroom to touch up my makeup. Only God knows what story my oily nose and cheeks are saying now. I quickly touch up my makeup and head back to find Bolaji and who do I see standing with him, it’s Muhammad and another lady. I am not even jealous he came with another woman I just hope he is not telling Bolaji anything about me. I walk up and smile with all my 32 hanging out just in case I was walking into fire, might as well do it while looking gorgeous.

“Hey Love” I break up their conversation and give Bolaji a light kiss on the cheek.
“Babe, this is my very good friend Muhammad, we went to university together”
I shake Muhammad like it’s my first time ever seeing him
“And his wife Zainab” adds Bolaji
I think I laughed because they were all looking at me uncomfortably.
“Wow, nice to meet you, you look so young” I try to diverse the awkwardness elsewhere.
“I know I get that a lot but you would think after been married 3 years, I’ll start to look like a woman” she responds gracefully.
I think I choked a bit because the water I drank 2 hours ago came back up to my throat. Married 3 years? Muhammad has a lot of explaining to do.


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  1. Loves it! I hope she posts often

  2. Keep it coming. Plus hw often will she update? I pray it will be daily.

  3. Welcome to Moriam, I look forward to more.

  4. Fifty shades of grey in between somewhere but overall, good write up.

    1. fifty shades ke? that's a little bit too far-fetched. did you actually read the book?

    2. Its actually a hint of the series "single ladies" I can detect in there.

    3. No be small fifty shades ke....whoever that was apparently did not read the

  5. Great story! I felt like I was Toke...wouldn't mind that kind of Bolaji! *grins* Good work Moriam, and welcome to Romance meets Life! I'd love to read more of your stuff...*off to read your blog*

  6. Yay! Story time. Excited for the next one.

  7. Interesting...

  8. Like the story, the dialogues didn't flow quite as well for me but it was nice


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