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Overcomers Church Founder Speaks on Solomon Akiyesi

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In this video, the founder of Overcomers Church, Bishop Moses really lambasts Solomon Akiyesi's actions in fraudulently trying to marry another women while still married to another [read post]. IMO, Solomon Akiyesi is simply a love rat/scammer, and he almost got away with it with the lackadaisical attitude of this church. It is good they are standing by the women who as almost scammed into committing bigamy, she actually makes a cameo in the video. And BTW, she is not pregnant.

The video is accompanied by another statement from the church [read first one]. They have come down even harder on Solomon Akiyesi, but also express disquiet about his first wife's MO of disrupting the wedding. Well to each their own, and she was married to a Nollywood director :) Seriously though, I agree with the publicist, there are more dignified ways of stopping this wedding than seeking a public fight. Read the statement...

This is a follow up to our statement from Saturday, April 13, following the disrupted wedding of Mr. Solomon Akiyesi to Ms. Uloma Agwu.

In light of the media mayhem that has erupted with tabloids spinning their own version of events, we find it necessary to make a final statement on the matter and hope that listening ears and hearts will understand the decisions we have made as a church.

Let’s start by addressing some of the rumours that have been perpetuated on several gossip blogs and tabloids.

Mr. Akiyesi is not a member of the Overcomers Church World Outreach. We heard no word of an existing marriage to Mrs. Lilian Akiyesi.

Many have pointed out that perhaps the Overcomers Church failed to do its due diligence in investigating Mr. Akiyesi thoroughly. We concede the point and will ensure that our Marriage Committee is equipped with a travel fund that will allow travel to visit with family members of engaged couples and ensure both the prospective brides and grooms are in fact who they say they are.

Ms. Uloma Agwu is a staunch member of the Overcomers Church. We regret that she was deceived by Mr. Akiyesi who lied, not only to her, but her family and Church as well. There is however no dishonesty on her part. She was unaware that a Mrs. Akiyesi already existed.

Furthermore, Ms. Agwu is not pregnant, as published by tabloids. That is a vicious lie that we hope to clear up.

No semblance of a wedding between her and Mr. Akiyesi took place at the Overcomers Church on Saturday. No vows were said, no rings exchanged and no marriage certificate handed out and the Church has NO INTENTION of endorsing such a union.

We respect the sanctity of Marriage at the Overcomers Church and will continue to uphold what is right and virtuous about the institution of marriage.

We do not endorse divorce and work instead to counsel troubled marriages and build stronger unions. Those who know us, know that.

Which brings us to the final misconception. The Overcomers Church does not fault Mrs. Lilian Akiyesi’s right to put a stop to a marriage that is not permissible in the eyes of the law and of God. As a matter of fact, we thank her for doing so and saving our sister, Ms. Agwu, from what would have been a disastrous union.

What we DO NOT endorse and will not stand for as a church is a group of people bringing a fight into the House of God. We will protect and defend our house of worship.

We learned that Mrs Akiyesi had arranged for police personnel days before the wedding and was already present at the Church hours before the wedding ceremony started. The right thing here would have been to alert church officials and present her case in a manner befitting a house of worship.

The wedding would not have taken place, and Mr. Akiyesi and his wife would have been sent along to sort out their lives together; which is what we have done now.

We strongly disapprove of the way Mrs. Akiyesi and her family and friends handled the matter. It brought shame to this house of worship. We also strongly abhor the actions Mr. Akiyesi, as well. His deception brought shame and disgrace, not only to the house of God, but also to his wife and Ms. Uloma Agwu.

Let us state in no uncertain terms, the relationship between Ms. Agwu and Mr. Akiyesi was dissolved yesterday afternoon after all the facts were brought to light.

We stand by our decision to pray for Mr. Akiyesi and Ms. Agwu following the ugly incident. No matter the wrongdoing, we commit all things into the hands of God, the ultimate judge. We will continue to support Ms. Agwu and pray for peace for all parties involved. We pray that God reaches into every heart and brings healing, so we can all move in our spiritual walk.

Thanks and have a blessed week!

Chika Moses
Media Representative
Overcomers Church World Outreach


  1. I just don't get that guy. SMH slowly

  2. can you just imagine.

  3. That woman's action was the best!yes her husband wanted to disgrace her by marrying someone else,so it was best she disgraced him first."correct woman"if she had gone to that process of reporting to the church first,calling winners pastor to call another pastor,my dear all that one day long process,she might not have succeeded in stopping the wedding if she went through due process,her action was dam on point!thumps up Mrs Lilian Akiyes,you ROCK!

  4. But how can Uloma say that she never knew he was married? It still beats my imagination o! The guy is a "celebrity"for crying out loud! Anyway, only her knows the truth, speak the truth Uloma. I wasn't so comfortable when the pastor cursed Mrs Akiyesi. I believe that all the blame should be on Solomon. I tire sef... It is well!

  5. He wanted to eat his cake and have it!
    This would make churches to investigate better, and raise up Banns as done in orthordox churches for a week or more.

  6. Myne, I love you, but I cannot believe you just said, 'there are more dignified ways of stopping this wedding than seeking a public fight'. PARDON?!!!!!!! A woman finds out her LEGAL HUSBAND of 8 years is about to MARRY ANOTHER WOMAN in CHURCH and you are talking about dignity? How should she have handled it? Cover him while he is publicly disgracing her? Can you imagine if it was the WIFE that was about to marry another man while still married to another man? Wouldn't we ALL be calling for her head right now? E ma gba mi ke :/ Present her case in a simple manner? Tori kini? After her trust has been so badly damaged? She should have been calm? Can you imagine if GOD forbid, Atala did the same? I am so sorry to get personal, but as the Yorubas' will say, 'oye ki a ma fi oro siro ara wa wo'- we should walk in another persons shoes before we condemn their actions. I cannot EVEN believe that the church will fault this woman for her actions. All I hear right now is them condemning the girl. And the Pastor is cursing her? Mschew. Thank GOD the Bible says a 'causeless curse shall NOT stand'. I am sure she was waiting to see if he will truly go ahead with the wedding. And the bastard was willing to go ahead with the wedding? If it were me, I will do worse sef. I APPLAUD her! Lillian Akinyesi ROCKS!

    1. Ayodeji, thanks for your comment. I guess we're two different people. I left my fighting days when I left secondary school. I hope we can agree on other things sha :)

    2. I agree with you! if it was me I would have probably ripped that place to shreds. Lilian rocks! The marriage may never work, and I am not sure if she even wants him back, but at least he will now do things the proper way and go through the right channels.

      This Church is only backpedaling after the first response..This should have been the first and only statement. These bloody fools worshiping a building and so concerned about their building instead of showing any compassion to the emotional distress this wife must have been undergoing. There is a time for dignity and a time for dirty, and this was one time when I support dirty. She should have carried a month-long bucket of hog dung and dowse his pretty white suit as he stepped outside. Evil man!

    3. Yes, Myne :) We can agree on other things :) "I left my fighting days when I left secondary school" sounds like a sub sha, but I love you nonetheless :)

      @Anon: I wouldn't want the marriage to work sef, but stranger things have happened.

    4. Honestly, it was not a sub, I was responding to your question about if this should happen to me. Thanks for the love, love you too :)

  7. Myne dear,if this should happen to you,that your school life will suddenly reappear in double fold,you wont believe the amount of strength you suddenly got, trust me."wink"

  8. The heart of man is wicked

  9. Mercy Johnson succeded in snatching another person's husband because the rightful owner ofthe husband decided to pursue her case in a dignified manner......Both Solomon and Uloma are two razz idiots, they do not deserve to be considered for dignity. Welldone Lilian! You are a hero in this case.

  10. I read dis story and laffed deeply.A lot of these happen daily esp with many of our so called Nigerian still lies in d fact dat our judicial system is faulty.Its only in Nija u wld see a woman reporting dat she has been abused by her husband to d police,and d men in black wld send dem away saying its domestic affairs.
    Sincerely I gve kudos to Lilian,I would have done worse than that if I were in her shoes cos at dat point love is outrightly dead.
    How can d socalled church feign ignorance for crying out loud in dis day and time????Haba,we r not fools now!!!!
    I am very sure d Ms Uloma just wanted to push herself into d hands of a "star"(*sarcasm*).
    Laff wan tear my belle o!!!


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