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Love and Immigration - Nigerian Woman in the UK Attempts Suicide to Avoid Deportation

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Micheal and May Brown

May Brown is a Nigerian woman who is currently in a coma after attempting suicide by drug overdose pending a deportation order by the UK immigration services. May moved to the UK from Nigeria three years ago and is a student of public affairs at Weymouth College.

She met her husband Michael Brown 12 months ago and they got married last December. However, her request was denied despite that she had a valid student visa and was married to a British National. Her husband, Mr Brown said the UK Border Agency officials believed their marriage to be a ‘sham’ with no ‘emotional attachment’.” He however insists, as does his mother, that their marriage is real.

Now the report wasn't clear on when May Brown applied for asylum in the UK, whether it was before or after her marriage. But after her application was rejected, she was due to be deported in a matter of days. May Brown was so distressed at the prospect of returning to Nigeria that she took a drug overdose and is currently in intensive care.

In her suicide note, May Brown wrote:

‘I am deeply sorry that I had to go this way, without even saying goodbye.
‘The UK immigration has finally driven me insane. They’ve pushed me too far this time and I can’t take the pain any more.
‘I don’t want a life or a future you won’t be part of. I love you so much, more than life itself and can’t endure the agony of not being with you.
‘Please forgive me for ending it this way. It’s better to die with my dignity than be subjected to torture and undignified death back in Nigeria.’
‘If they send me back to Nigeria they are signing my death warrant, they will cut my life short because I will be killed.
‘I have found peace with Michael, he gave me a reason to live. I have got a family here and we don’t claim any benefits.
‘Michael works and I am studying to become a barrister, we have not harmed anybody.’

Mr Brown, a former soldier who now works for a removals company, insisted the couple's marriage was genuine and slammed the UK Border Agency for its treatment of his wife. He said:

'May is the most beautiful, kindest, loving person I have ever met. I can't live with myself if anything happens to her. She is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with and you can't pretend something like that. All we want is a life together. But I'm so angry that is being taken away from us.'
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According to the UK Daily Mail, May "fled to Britain from her home country three years ago after witnessing her father's murder and being subjected to sexual abuse."

The subject of immigration is a very touchy one, both for natives and for immigrants, and because there's no one size fits all, each case is usually handled on its own merit. Sometimes though, the immigration officials come across as either over-zealous or nonchalant and uncaring or the details of a particular case.

The UK Border Agency and the Home Office which is in charge of immigration issues has declined to comment on this case, but I do wish they take more care in ruling on their temporary visa and residency applications. Maybe an individual's murder and sexual abuse are not grounds for Asylum, but surely her marriage had to count, and the fact that she was a student. Also why deport her so quickly?

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  1. Murder an sexual abuse are not valid grounds for asylum?
    So what are valid reasons abeg?
    Only God knows d horrors shes experienced dat'll make her choose death over Nigeria....
    This is a very sad story.


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