Friday, April 5, 2013

Introducing Timi Robbins - A New Contributor to this Blog

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Oh lord about me eh... laik say I dey advertise for dating website... Oh my this is going to be hard...

I am a happily married Nigerian good ole chap, born and raised in Nigeria, over 40 years ago. Married to an absolutely awesome White American lady, currently living in the United States on the East coast outside our dear capital, Washington DC.

I guess I would say I am an odd ball real life romantic, I send my dear wife flowers, buy her chocolates, and we certainly have "date nights" of dinners and movies as much as we can. I say "odd ball" as I do not call my wife sweetie, dear, honey sugar pie or any of that other funky But she knows she will always get kisses, hugs, back rubs from me. And support in any situation. Also I can cook, but do so rarely as she loves cooking.

I believe in shared responsibilities of the household, especially in one where we are both working professionals. Hence I do not expect a home cooked meal every night, it is impractical. And hence I absolutely clean, take her shopping for groceries and I shop for groceries myself!

I consider myself a realist and a pragmatist as I believe in practical solutions to things in life. Romance is necessary in all relationships be them married or unmarried relationships. I believe in marriage, but have very liberal and non traditional views about marriage.

I am on a spiritual journey, I believe more in spirituality rather than religion. And I think many people would be well served to learn to understand their spiritual selves first before religion. Finally I believe in to live and let live!

Please welcome Timi to Romance Meets Life, I promise you'll enjoy his thoughts on romance and relationships, including marriage. He will joining Atala as our men in the house, writing from a man's point of view on what RML is all about.

I'll be fully introducing Moriam our fiction contributor soon. Check out the start of her Adventures of a Miss, here.

Please bear with me as I re-organize this site, thanks!


  1. Yay!!! Welcome Timi....I look forward to reading from you.

    Oh...and I love the intro...especially the romantic bit. :-)

  2. Proper OMO NAIJA, you are welcome. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  3. welcome Timi. I love your ghostbuster salt shakers or are they not?


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