Friday, April 19, 2013

Does Hot Water Affect Breasts?

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I confess that I've never heard about hot water being a factor in the sagging of breasts or otherwise. This comment came in under the Women are better off without bras [read post].

Fortunately for me I have small breasts so I go about without but there is a question I would like to ask, how hot must a bathing water be, does hot water have effect on breasts?

When I was younger, the debate on having perky breasts was centered more around how often one wore bras, whether men fondled or suckled the breasts, and how much one wore wrappers tied around the chest. Of course it went without question that once a woman suckled a child or two, most of the perkiness flew out of the window, and some old women were quite proud of their flat and sagging breasts.

So in all of this, where does the effect of hot water come in?


  1. oturugbeke! I never hear this one before. LWKMD

  2. Plenty typos Myne you are slacking lol Never heard this one before but I have heard that washing your face with warm water daily makes your face age quicker

  3. Well, I have read that ending your bath with a quick splash of cold on your breasts makes them perky .....maybe the converse is constant use of warm water?!

    Methinks its all bollocks. Breasts will sag when they will ;)


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