Friday, April 12, 2013

Do We Need Match-Makers in Nigeria?

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Someone directed me to this query below on a message board. Do you think there is such a crisis of alienation that it requires a call for match-makers to fix up eligible men and women in Nigeria? A kind of Ready for Love TV show maybe? Read the question below and let's discuss.

Where are the Nigerian match makers? I think we have a crisis on our hands! Right now I know several young women and several young men who are looking but not finding. What is happening anyway?

The babes are saying that the men are not asking and those that ask are only looking for a meal ticket. The boys are mostly not saying but when they do say, they give the impression that babes have become too much to even want to deal with.

As far as I see, there is no shortage of boyfriends and girlfriends but these friendships are not becoming marriages! What's wrong?

Is it that our young men are under achieving? Are the women becoming too powerful, too self-assured? Too forward and daring? Are we refusing to explore relationships across class lines? And do not say there is no class divide in Nigeria, there is and we all know it.

Is education getting in the way? Are young people spending too long in school? Is the new culture of promiscuity affecting everyone? Have we all grown too independent, too selfish and mistrustful of each other?

Are the standards of living set to high for young people? Two can live as cheaply as one and most older folks started life in a small 'flat' but young people these days don't seem to agree... What really is the problem?



  1. Yes,we absolutely do,most couples I meet confess they were introduced by a cousin or mutual friend.women know exactly what they want and wouldn't bend for less,men on the other hand are scared of rejection so they need an inner source to give them the green light go ahead,more like a match maker,so in my opinion yes!!!

  2. You removed my blog from your blog lists..sad face :)

  3. Yes, we do. I'm always busy with work , and I just realized today, that I haven't been in a meaningful rltnship in 6 years.

    1. Oh dear, this sounds like me :(, in school it all about the books, "concentrate and finish school with good grades and Now it's all about work.. Its like I'm afraid to try coz each time I tried it either affected my grades or my work or my self esteem

  4. Yes we do ohhhh, u leave home at 6:30 am get to work at past 7:00am, then u work till 5:00pm, please where are we meant to meet some one na. The only options you are left with are colleagues and then maybe someone u were match made with. Abeg we need jooooh!!!

  5. The thing is that Naija men will think they have done you a favor by marrying you. There is still this "she must have been desperate" view attached to matchmaking and other non-conventional ways of meeting.

  6. Match- making "non-conventional way"? how did most of our parents meet in those days? was it not match-making ?

    There's nothing unconventional or desperate about a girl agreeing to match-making abeg.....

  7. yes, maybe? i don't even know

  8. With so many of us working crazy hours and not having enough time to socialize, I think opting for a matchmaker is a good idea. The most one'll loose is a few quid and abit of time but when you compare it to the potential gain, there's no match. Quite a few targeting Nigerians have gained ground over the last couple of years. Can't remember the name but there was one featured in the UK's black mental health programme a few years back where they were saying how much help it would be for the black community in the uk. It was a christian based tradional matchmaking service and when I logged in I was pleasantly suprised to find out that it targeted professional Nigerians. A couple of friends actually found partners through it so these things definately work. There are also others springing up everyday but one has to be careful not to get too involved with those where you can just post anything in your profile without it having it verified for many have been decieved this way. All the best!!!

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