Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dear Myne - My Husband Flaunts His Unfaithfulness

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Myne, making the man who is unfaithful answerable only to his God and conscience could just be the only way for one to have peace and move on in life. But it can be so terrible when your hubby thinks you are the cheating partner and has decided to go all out to punish you by flaunting his escapades and denying you sex.

But all the same you still keep a straight face as if all is well.

Please, in this situation what should the woman do when in all fairness she has never ever defiled her matrimonial bed. Reactions from readers will be appreciated.


  1. Find a way to make him miss you dear, travel or just threaten leaving him and watch his reaction

  2. Continue to leave him to his conscience. What else?

  3. You have to make him miss you, may be you can go for holiday or travel. and you will see changes.

  4. This story is lacking in substance. What initially led him to believe that you, his wife are/have been unfaithful. Perhaps if we understood the origin of what you claim to be his false perception of your fidelity, then we would be better able to advise you.

  5. If you say you have been faithful, I can't doubt you, but it's not us that matter but your husband, convince him.

  6. That here's nothing to be said here that will be reassuring enough. :( Ndo

  7. Your husband is walking down a dark road that will ultimately lead to his destruction. If he comes around you to have sex, make sure you get him tested for HIV, and all other Stds and insist he wears a condom.

    He sounds like an asshole and only shit come out of assholes, so do with him whatever you want; flush him or keep him is up to you.


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