Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear Myne - How Do I Get Over My Ex?

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Been dealing with a break-up situation that had me over-thinking everything that went wrong.

*sigh* one year plus after, I still cry over him. How do I get over all this :(


  1. Time, they say, heals all wounds. There is no logic to emotions. There's no 'reasonable' time within which to get over an ex. However, don't sit at home pining for an asshole that essentially cheated on you. I'd advice that you cut off all ties with him. Go out more, enjoy life not necessarily with a view of meeting men but let the chips fall where they may. It is time to kick him out of your life like a bad habit. Good luck dear.

  2. I agree with cherrywine on time...but I will also like you to remember that he left you.He made a conscious decision to end your relationship, in this case you need to let him go finally. A year is long but I understand, it being your first relationship. Still he is gone and should stay gone. Don't try to be friends because you are still not emotionally stable enough to be objective about a relationship with him. Also he might be trying to be friends with you and you might get physical which will only make things worse for you. You need to understand that you being happy is not reliant on another person. You find your balance, your happiness till you are ready to try again with someone else but not him. There are no perfect relationships or people, what should exists is a clarity of mind on exactly what each person wants that way it is easier to have an understanding relationship. Good luck.

  3. kunleDosunmu/280899F7April 04, 2013 3:30 AM

    Just move on! Ask GoD to help u get over the guy. I fink he may have realised hiD error and is carefully trying to get you back. If you fall for that, then you're very stupid. Just date yourself for now nd get bck on track with your life. Kunle has spoken!

  4. just move on gurl n pray to God for directions n everything will be fine.

  5. My advice: Spice up your life a bit. Get more involved in some extrs curricular activities, and even in church. Why do I say this? Time won't heal nada if you ain't busy doing something to take your mind of off this guy. He's not the only person in this world, and monkeys always prefer bananas to strawberries. Work on your personal development, and you'll be so busy it will be after the birth of your first child as a married woman that you'll remember the was once someone like your first bf! Above all, it's very important you develop a closer relationship to God as your Father...cheers dear *hugs*

  6. Get into another relationship hopefully a better one and you'll forget him in a jiffy! Do not play this cat and mouse game of going back and forth, I had a friend who did that for 15 years! Dude still did not marry her.


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