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Date Night Movie Review - Tyler Perry's Temptation

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Tyler Perry's Temptation follows the life of a newly married couple, Judith and Brice. Judith works at a matchmaking firm; Brice is a pharmacist. Things are just about OK with them, but one day Judith has to work with Harley, a very rich entrepreneur. Harley makes it clear that he is very interested in her, and she begins to wonder whether she's really getting all she wants from her relationship with Brice.

Myne's Review - I know this review is coming so late, but it's been very busy around these parts. I gave a quasi review in this post earlier about a particular sex scene in the movie. I wasn't a big fan of the movie, I have to confess, and preferred Good Deeds over it. But Temptation had its good sides. Kim Kardashian played a version of herself named Ava, and she was actually pretty good.

Vanessa Williams lit the room whenever she appeared on screen, and she had a funny French accent though she lost it quickly enough when circumstances called for it. The other actors were just OK, but they were all very good looking people, Lance Gross almost set the screen on fire in one of his bathroom scenes, black is beautiful o :)

Atala's review - When I saw the trailer for "Tyler Perry's Temptation", I was quite eager to watch the movie, because the theme of personal conflict appealed very much to me. Also, I quite liked Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds", so I thought I would enjoy this too.

The movie started off very slowly. The fascinating thing for me was the confused way that Judith reacted to the eponymous temptation. Her attraction to Harley was growing by degrees, but it was clear that she was very conflicted by her attraction. For example, she was sending mixed messages in what she said (denying the attraction and pushing Harley away) and what she did (dressing more attractively for him).

I was sympathetic; it's never easy resisting temptation, especially when there's not a good reason to resist. Her struggle became progressively more difficult and the movie built up to a climax where the issue was dramatically resolved. From then on, relationships were flipped on their heads; I found this very sad, yet very compelling to watch.

What I didn't like about the move was that there was too much 'telling' in parts (for example, at a point, Judith's mother comes in at one point to preach to her daughter about the dangers of temptation; this adds nothing to the movie for me). I also felt that some of the scenes at the end were kind of contrived and unrealistic.But I guess that this was only to be expected, since the movie set out to be didactic from the beginning, And the acting wasn't as good as it could have been; the movie certainly wasn't helped by Kim Kardashian's wooden performance.

Atala's scores - I quite liked this movie, in that it gave me something to talk and think about, but it was rather ordinary in its ambition, so so I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

Myne's scores - The movie was too heavy handed for my taste, the message was almost being shoved down our throats about religion and how it can save you from the devil and HIV. And oh, it can save your marriage too. I think I'm old enough to know better. But I give Tyler Perry 3 for effort and for starting a conversation.

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