Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stephnora Still in Love With Jim Iyke is Entertainment - Joy Bewaji

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"I am still in love with Jim Iyke. Jim was and is still the best friend I've ever had. He was not just around, he was there as a friend, brother, lover, companion. He was always there. He understood me"- Stephnora Okere.

My Facebook friend Joy Bewaji got me laughing when she said of this news from Linda's Blog,

*Ehen! This is the kind of thing I want to be hearing in Nollywood. Keep it steamy, guys! Go get your man, Stephnora: Tell that plane to stop; throw the doors open; grab your stilettoes; run throw the open space (please get that slow motion effect- very important), and go get your man! Kiss him with all that is in you; and if you listen to your heart you'll hear Whitney Houston's "I'll always love you" playing. Yay!!!*

She goes on to say, "when a woman comes out to confess she's still in love with her ex...that is brave...and that is awesome entertainment!" That actually made me laugh out loud. What do you guys say?


  1. They will surprise all of you when they announce their wedding soon.

  2. At least she knows what she wants :) Joy is hilarious. Love her

  3. let d heart speak i love ur courage girl keep going

  4. It's cool steph n I wish Jim still feel what u r feeling for him. Gd luck anyways gal lol.

  5. Steph if really u luv him dat much make a move bt jst be kiaful bcos men re sumtin else.


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