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Adventures of a Miss! Episode 8

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Saturday was finally here and regardless of all our issues, we all come together to help Semi prepare for her daughter’s birthday party this afternoon. I was helping with decorations, Tayo was cooking, Kehinde was running errands picking up last minute things like the cake, ice and other stuff while Semi was busy coordinating everyone else. I had just burst yet another balloon and I was running out of breathe so I decided to get a drink.

Semi: “Have you finished with the balloons, what are you doing here?”
Me: “Just so you know, we are not your hired help, we are volunteers” as I walk towards the fridge.
Tayo: “Amen to that.”
I start laughing while pouring myself a glass of water; “And this volunteer needed a glass of water.”
Tayo: “Don’t mind her, of what use are you here in the kitchen just sniffing the aroma of my food.”
Semi: “You guys are not serious oh, are you doing this for me or your darling Fiona, abegi jo.”
Tayo: “If only Fiona’s mummy wasn’t so bossy, anyways Toks, shey Muhammad is still coming today?”
Me: “Yes, I invited him on Tuesday so I believe so.”
Semi: That’s good then, no need to worry, everything will be ok.”

I went back to my decorating duties and started thinking about if the way I am handling this Zainab issue is the right way. As much as I want to empathize with her, her boldness of thinking her money can solve all her issues won’t let me. At this point, even if Bolaji broke up with me with everything that has happened, I would still go ahead with the plan because she definitely deserves it.

Everything has been set up; everyone is dressed now and we are just waiting for guests to get here.

Semi says, “I swear I want this party to be over like now, I am beat.”

Tayo and I start laughing, “You haven’t even started yet, when the children arrive that’s when you’ll know wassup.” Tayo added. Kehinde hadn’t told the rest what was going on with Seye so for the most part of the day; she has been lost in her thoughts. We thought we still had about an hour to rest since we were well aware of African timing when it comes to parties. By 12:30pm the whole backyard was filled with children of different ages playing games, eating and generally just having fun.

It was already 1 and no sign of Zainab, her lover, Bolaji or Muhammad and that was beginning to worry me. I decided to brush it off but still texted Bolaji to find out what was going on. Its not like they were very late or anything but with everything we needed to happen at this party, I would not want to miss this opportunity.
Saturday 2:43pm: “Hey, are you still coming to Fiona’s birthday party?”

Saturday 3:05pm: “yes, we are on our way now. See you soon.”

Ok great, Bolaji was on his way but I wonder why it took him 20 minutes to reply my message, oh well. I went back to my chaperone duties and decided to coordinate a game of musical chairs for the children.

Bolaji and Muhammad arrived shortly without my knowledge. After all of our morning trouble, the party and coordinating all the children with their games, I was so tired that I just wanted to crawl into my bed. Thinking about the birthday dinner I still had to attend at 9pm just made me a little more tired. The adults finally had some time to just sit and eat while the children watched Lion King on the 75 inch TV in the living room.

I don’t know why Semi and her husband need a 75 inch tv in their living room but to each his own. I looked at the time and it was almost 3 and no Zainab and this Mystery Kola guy. What was going on? I hope she is still coming sha. While I was busy wondering about whether Zainab was coming or not, I went to the kitchen to grab myself a plate. Before I even got there, I see Semi walking towards me.

Semi: You want to come with me like right now” she whispers in my ear. I look around to make sure no one heard her and got up casually to follow her to the room. “Dele is here mehn, did you forget to uninvite him”
Oh my God, Jesus, did I need this extra drama right now? I was still waiting on Zainab to get to the party so one part of my life could be fixed now this.

My hands are wringing, "Semi, please I beg you in the name of the Lord, tell him I’m not here that I had a family emergency so he can leave. Please you know I have not even dealt with this Muhammad issue, now Dele, Bolaji will kill me.”

"You too, why are you carrying all these men around, I don’t like this oh.”

I was still outside trying to text Dele that I just spoke to Semi and that I’ll call him later when I heard, “Zainab, what the hell? Who is this guy and why are you kissing him?”


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  4. My enthusiasm is gradually fading off,IMO the suspense is getting to long and is beginning to be boring. But nevertheless it's still a nice and interesting piece of work.kudos.

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  6. episode 9 pls


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