Saturday, April 13, 2013

Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 7

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“Hey babe, something came up. I have a quick meeting that just came up so I’ll pick you up by like 9pm when I’m done.”

That was Bolaji’s voice message; Oh my Lord, what if Zainab did call him and that’s who he is meeting with? What if she tells him everything? I am finished. I should just call him first and spill my guts now before she has a chance to twist the whole story to her advantage.

My phone was ringing again, what is it? Can I live?

Kehinde: “Toke, please can you come pick me up from Seye’s house like right now?”

Me: “What happened? Where is your car? Are you crying? What happened?” She burst out crying.

Kehinde: “Please just come right now to pick me up, I have to go.”

Me: “Ok I’m coming right now.”

Before I even had a chance to remember my own problems, I was already in the car heading over to Seye’s place. I wonder what happened; thankfully he was only about 25 minutes away from me. I called once I made a right turn into the estate to find out if I should bother coming into the house.

“Kenny, where are you? I just turned into your estate, should I come in?”

“NO! I am outside already, just get here please.” She hangs up.

Ok now I am really curious, I hope he didn’t kick her out or abuse her physically because that would be totally unacceptable. It was late already so I couldn’t even find the house since NEPA had taken the light and most of the houses didn’t have their generators on. I spotted Kenny just standing on the street still crying and carrying a large bag. Immediately she entered the car, I didn’t even wait for her to buckle her seat belt before I engaged her.

“What happened? Is Seye in the house?” I ask.

Kehinde must have taken about 5 minutes to properly cry and all I could do was console her. I decided to wait till we got home before I questioned her further. It was now 7:45pm so I should probably tell Bolaji that I’ll see him tomorrow since Kehinde was probably going to spend the night. I am not even certain he would still want to see me if his meeting is really with Zainab. We get home and I help Kenny with her bags into the house and try to see if I can get her something to eat. She looks so helpless, this is not the Kenny that I know, and she looks like she had just seen a ghost.

“Kenny, are you going to tell me what happened?”

“Toke I have been played for a fool, in fact I am a very big fool.” She replied.

“What are you talking about, what happened ah?”

“Seye is married.” She looks up at me and sees the shock in my face and the tears start rolling down her eyes again. “I was at his place for the week so I decided to go home since I was helping Semi with the party tomorrow and I needed a change of clothes. After work, I went to drop off my car at the mechanic and couldn’t find my charger in my car so I figured I left it at his place. I got there and he was arguing with a woman upstairs so I went closer to hear what they were arguing about. She was crying, saying she wanted to move and that she doesn’t like her family apart. I didn’t understand until Seye replied that he loves her and that’s why he married her but he needed her there for now while he worked over here and all these other nonsense. Sha to cut the story short, he is married with 2 children and now his wife is ready to move back to Naija!”

I could not find any words that could comfort her at this time; all I could do was hold her.

“I am finished Toke, one and half years of my life with this fool and he told me he would propose soon. Like what will I do now?”

“Kenny, you know you’ll be fine. Let God judge him because you don’t want to do anything that you’ll regret.”

“I just can’t believe it you know, like I have been chopping lies for almost 2 years and just like that it’s over. Like he has met my family and all of you guys, he’s even coming to the party tomorrow. Should I uninvite him?”

I had not responded before her phone started ringing, it was Seye calling to see if she made it home. The conversation went on for about a minute, without any talk on what Kehinde had seen earlier so I decided to excuse myself in case she wants to talk to him. I was starving so now might be a good time to actually cook something up for us to eat.

While I’m sticking my head in the fridge to see what I could whip up, my door bell rings. It’s so late already, who could possibly be coming over at this hour, I guess there is only one way to find out.


  1. Id willingly buy a book authored by u,ds is lovely. Wish i could know d end now. Go girl

    1. True dat but can she complete the story already lool

  2. Same here too...Nice twist in d plot.

  3. This is becoming unbearable nooow myne!!pls lets know the end of this story. Love the new twist too. Luvn u more baby girl.

  4. If they ask you people to pay to read it, all of you will run. Osho free...."Complete the story, complete the story. LOL


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