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Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 6

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"Does she work in Abuja or something?" Semi is now scrolling through all her Instagram pictures. I hadn’t noticed how all the pictures were all of her, like no Muhammad at all. It’s sort of strange for a woman who has been married for more than 3 years to not have any pictures of her husband"

While I was thinking about it, I had missed the jist Semi was giving Tayo and I. "Please start again, I wasn’t listening" I said to Semi.

"I said this woman has a boyfriend now, can’t you hear me" We can always trust Semi to be dramatic. “She has a boyfriend that is not her husband Muhammad in Abuja”
“How do you know that Semi, look at the picture again oh” Tayo warns

"You know that conference class I told you I attended while I was in Abuja for a couple of months for work?" She started.

Semi dived into her story about how Zainab was in the same group as her for their 4 week long class and she was certain that Zainab was sleeping with another married man in Abuja during her stay there. The guy’s name was Kola, he’s well known in Abuja for his lavish lifestyle and his wife knows about his affairs but doesn’t do anything about it. She had seen the man leave Zainab's hotel room several times very early in the morning and even caught them kissing one day before class. Everyone in the class knew they were sleeping together, but since no one knew Zainab was married, everyone just assumed she was a home wrecker but kept quiet about it. She had recently seen Zainab with the guy in Lagos too, out at a club that wasn’t that famous. She went there with her husband and his friend who was visiting but didn’t want to go to places that would be crowded.

“Zainab knows me, like if she sees me, she will say hi” Semi says confidently. “In fact I invited her to Fiona’s 1st birthday party next weekend.”

“Wait, are you serious?” I had wiped my tears now; I felt better knowing that Zainab was going to suffer for the tears she made me cry. How could she? At least I slept with Muhammad while I was still single and casually dating Bolaji. I might have issues but she is the queen of it all.

“Guys do you know she could possibly be pregnant for this boyfriend of hers?” My mind is working fast now. “Semi how many months ago was your conference and for how long?” I start calculating how far along Zainab was since she said she will be gone for 6 months.
“It started 5 months ago and the conference itself was for a month but we had to be there a total of 5 weeks.”
Tayo cuts in “That doesn’t make sense abi, she’s 3 months pregnant already if she has 6 months left so there is one month that she wasn’t in Abuja”

“I said the guy visits Lagos, this babe is a slut. Toke all you have to do is create doubt in Muhammad’s mind about who the father of the baby is. The result is none of your business cos by then she will have too many issues to deal with, trust me she won’t remember her that husband needs to be occupied or distracted.” Semi is pretty confident this plan will work so maybe I should consider it. I just want Zainab to leave me alone with Bolaji so we can be happy.

“Ok let’s do it then” I decided. “What do you need me to do?”
Semi smiled, I am afraid of what she is capable of now. I don’t want her to destroy Zainab’s life; I just want her to distract her so she doesn’t have time for me anymore. “All you have to do is get Muhammad to Fiona’s birthday party and leave the rest up to me.”

The next couple of days, I go about my business and try not to worry too much about the whole Zainab situation. Since Semi said she would handle it, I have been worried that she would completely go overboard with whatever she is planning, but after thinking about it I decided that Zainab deserved it. I mean what kind of person goes around doing the things she does and expects not to get caught. Then you try to blackmail me for something you’re also guilty of, I hope whatever Semi is planning works.

“Hey I just got home from work, what time will you pick me up” I was talking to Bolaji at work. I decided to stay over at his place for the weekend because we were visiting my parents Saturday morning, Fiona’s birthday party in the afternoon, a friend’s birthday dinner in the evening and we were going to his family’s church on Sunday together.
Bolaji: “I’ll just come from work, will you be done packing?” he asks and I can hear him tapping away at his computer.
Me: “Yes, I can tell you’re busy so just let me know when you leave work”
Bolaji: “Thanks babe, I’m trying to wrap a few things up so I should leave in about 30 minutes”
Me: “Ok cool, talk to you later” I hang up the phone and proceed to start packing.

I need to find my Sister Mary skirts for church on Sunday so that his family don’t start giving me one kind look. The skirt is long enough and a little loose but still fashionable so hopefully it still fits the way I want it to. While searching through my closet for my skirt, my phone starts ringing and I am buried in my pile of clothes that have now piled up from me trying them on. I’ll just return the phone call later, except if it’s Bolaji that might need to get something across to me now. I’ll just check now I decided, so I got up to find my phone and to my demise it’s from Zainab, I am so tired of this chick.

Right as I was about to call her back, I get a voicemail notification.
She is like screaming so loud into the phone that I missed the first few seconds of the message. “Toke, I am warning you, you have been ignoring my calls and not responding to my messages. I think I’ll call Bolaji right now and tell him what’s really up.”
That was all I heard before my heart started racing, I was not even done listening to the message before my phone started ringing.

Bolaji is calling, oh my God should I even bother picking up the phone?


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  1. Suspence,whao! I wish u didnt have to stop d story at this point,really looking forward to the next episode. Great story...

  2. Noooooooo...dnt stop now

  3. I haff vex. Enough wit d suspense already.biko.


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