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Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 5

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It's been two days since the proposal and I can't still get Zainab off my mind. Honestly, how can another man's wife be on my mind more than the man I’m supposedly about to marry. I've ignored her numerous texts and calls since the proposal, mostly because I know it's impossible for me to agree to her proposal, now that Bolaji has stepped up and proposed to me. I really thought we still had about a year of seriously dating before he would propose but I thank God it happened earlier because it means my search is over.

I'm meeting with Tayo and Semi tonight for dinner and drinks after work. Ever since I told them about the proposal, all they want to do is sit and talk wedding plans. The real question here is if I should be planning a wedding because I am not sure there will be one.

“Let me seeee" I hear screaming as I walk into the restaurant, the same one Bolaji had proposed two days earlier. Tayo was already sitting at a table and Semi was nowhere to be found. I walked in with a huge smile on my face and extended my left hand for her to see the ring.

"Wow Toks, this ring is big oh. I didn’t get a chance to see it properly on Saturday at all” Tayo said while seriously examining the ring. “We all need to hang out with Bolaji so we can get to know him very well” she added.

“Whenever you guys are ready now, are you not Miss busy; new husband, new job and new baby, I am surprised you even found time to come to dinner tonight” I smile while saying this to her because I didn’t want her to feel guilty.

When Semi had her daughter and the rest of us were still single, we were always complaining about how she didn’t have any time for us and that almost ruined our friendship. We all didn’t understand what she was going through, juggling a family and a full-time business she had just started. Nevertheless we got through it so since then we have taken a more subtle approach when letting our friends know when we are starved for attention.

“Mehn mumsie is around so I am trying to do everything I have put off for months now.” Semi walks in and is led to our table by the waitress who got us our drinks earlier.

“Before you say anything, show me the ring first” I burst out laughing because we all have been talking about our rings for probably 7 years now, even before any of us got engaged.

“He did well oh, this ring is fine abi what do you think, Tayo” Semi is fascinated by the ring from what I could read on her face. “It looked smaller on Saturday and since you didn’t allow us take pictures, I had even forgotten. I am so happy for you though Toke, I didn’t want you to be too far behind us in this whole marriage thing at all,” she says sympathetically. I noticed that the waitress was still standing there just listening to our conversation.

“We will call you when we need you.” I wave her away. I turn back to my friends “Mehn, you guys I am in trouble oh, I am not even sure what to do at all.” I honestly felt like I was going to cry because with all my toughness, my friends are the only ones I can break down in front of.

“You know I explained to you the Muhammad issue now.” I looked at Semi who nodded. I caught Tayo up on the jist of how I found out Muhammad was married and then he text me wanting to meet up to talk about a business proposal. “Do you know it was his wife who came to meet me at the restaurant?”
Semi: “Wait, why did he ask his wife to meet up with you?”
Me: “He didn’t, she was the one texting me from his phone and now she wants to blackmail me and ruin what I have with Bolaji" I felt like crying, Zainab could use any of the other women her husband was sleeping with but why me?
"What does she want from you" Tayo cuts into my thoughts.
Me: "Imagine she wants me to keep seeing her husband, like can you imagine"

Semi: "Wait, she's ok with her husband having an affair with you? For what now?” I think Semi is just as surprised as I was when Zainab told me of this her foolish proposition. I told them everything, from the texts Zainab has been sending me to threaten me and what she said to me at the cinema after Bolaji proposed.
Tayo: "Ah she is serious oh, wait, so what do you want to do?" She has moved seats and is now sitting right next to me holding me.
Me: “I swear I don’t know because I don’t know how Bolaji will take it if I tell him and I can’t be sleeping with Muhammad now shey you get” I start crying again because it seems either way I am ruined.
“Stop crying now” Tayo says comforting me again. “We just have to find something on her to blackmail her with as well abi what do you think Semi”

Semi: “Yes jo, I agree; what nonsense, how can she ask you to do such a thing for her like you owe her anything. What we will do is, find me a picture and I’ll contact this guy I know to spy on her. Everything she does we will know and we can figure out what we will do then. In the meantime tell her to give you two weeks and you can give her a final answer. Tell her you need to put some things in place to make sure her plan will work” Semi must have done this before or something because I am not sure how she was able to put together a plan so quickly.

Since Zainab’s Instagram page was open, I decided to screenshot a couple of her pictures to print out for Semi. I start scrolling through her page while still at the table and Semi grabs my phone from my hand. “Let me see the nonsense woman sef, stupid fool” She starts scrolling and suddenly stops.
Semi: What? This is Zainab?" she points to the phone. Semi’s loud voice could be heard over the restaurant. “This babe can't be the Zainab that is married to Muhammad; in fact they fit each other"
"What do you mean" I turn to Semi out of curiosity. She looks at me with a smile on her face. “No need for private investigator, I have all the dirt you need to blackmail her”.


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