Monday, April 8, 2013

Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 3

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Another work day, I swear this life I’m living is not what I was born to live because I keep asking myself what am I doing here. All my mates are married, rich, or to say the least accomplishing something and I am over here still trying to find the right man.

It’s been 2 months since the whole Muhammad incident and of course I lied and told Bolaji I met Muhammad when he was toasting one of my friends. I am assuming he believed me since he hasn’t brought it up. My second guy was now preoccupied with his wife and I was forced to go back to Dele my “lame guy” as I call him to my friends.

Dele is one of those guys who is very practical and who in their right mind wants to always be practical. When all a girl really wants is a man to spoil you. He is the last born of 3 children and his father does not particularly swim in money so he has had to make his own, this makes him not very keen on wasting it. I don’t really mind though, that’s why I have Bolaji as well.

I met Dele at Viva Lounge about a year ago and he’s been trying to keep my attention ever since. He doesn’t know his simple lifestyle is not exactly what I want out of life. I can’t tell him this, at least not yet. Bolaji provides me with money, vacations, shopping sprees, and the finer material things. Dele provides me with all the loving cute stuff you want from a boyfriend.

I’ve met Dele's family, I get invited to family parties, all his siblings and family call me iyawo. I get to wear their aso ebi with them and they pretty much make me a part of the family. Bolaji only introduces me to his colleagues and business partners nothing to close to home. I don’t mind this at all, it just makes me question his so called commitment to me. My ideal man would be these two wonderful men mixed together in a perfect blend and the cherry on top would be useless because I would already have everything I needed.

I was at another one of Dele’s family parties and this time his cousin was getting married. I had been invited to the wedding by his family. It seems like every other Saturday I was attending a wedding that wasn’t mine and this was a constant reminder that I was still single.

Text message from Muhammad, what does this man want again?
Muhammad: Hey sweetie
Me: Please don’t sweetie me, what do you want?
Muhammad: Have we now come to that, can’t I say hi?
Me: Do you realize you have a wife whom you kept from me while you were toasting me? Please what do you want now?
Muhammad: I just want to meet you for lunch. I have something serious to talk to you about.
Me: No!!! Whatever it is you can tell me via text message.
Muhammad: Please no, it has to be face to face because it’s a business proposition. Please, maybe Friday for lunch?

“Why are you frowning? Who is that?” Dele breaks my thought.

“Just Sope talking about how stressful wedding plans are” I lied. I didn’t even realize I was frowning. What does Muhammad want now? It’s like this secret of mine is coming back to haunt me. I guess since it’s a business proposition, it wouldn’t hurt to find out what it’s about.

Me: Ok, I guess I can squeeze you in Friday afternoon. I’ll meet you at Sundown café”
Muhammad: Thanks, no need to remind me the day before btw. I won’t miss such a meetingJ”
This guy is sounding weirder by the day. I wonder what is going on, but I guess there is only one way to find out.

Monday is never an easy day for me, but I always manage to pull through especially today. I was waiting for Semi at the nearby Suya joint after work, I haven’t seen her for like 2 months now and we were in dire need of a gist session.

“Babe what’s been going on now? I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in forever” Semi was trying to talk while aggressively drinking her wine. Her husband didn’t want her drinking at home because of their child. This is so the child doesn’t develop a drinking habit later in life. She only drinks when she goes out and she doesn’t go out often.

“Mehn I have a lot of jist for you oh, can you imagine that Muhammad is married.”
“Ehn, married asin has a wife not that he is dating someone” My overly dramatic friend, trust her to blow everything out of proportion.

“Yes oh, I went to some fundraiser with Bolaji and Bolaji introduced him to me with his wife. Can you just imagine? I wanted the floor to swallow me right there and then.

“So what did he say when he saw you?” she takes her eyes off the suya for a quick second to look at me.
“The idiot pretended not to know who I was; he now messaged me on Saturday while I was with Dele that he has a business proposition for me”

“What business, better don’t let this Hausa man turn you into a prostitute.”

I started laughing, I can always expect a good time when I’m with Semi. She is really the life of the party. We talk about other things like her son, husband, and the personal shopping business she was starting before I eventually headed home and slept like a baby.

Friday afternoon is finally here and I am actually looking forward to seeing Muhammad and hear what he has to say. If it is really a good business deal then maybe this is the big break I’ve been waiting for. I freshen up my makeup in the car and scan around the parking lot for a while before I make my way in I don’t see Muhammad’s car. I hope he is not late because I don’t have that much time to waste.

The waiter sits me and I have only been sitting for a couple of minutes when I see Zainab walk in. Shit, Shit, what the hell is going on here? What have I gotten myself into now and why is she smiling?


  1. The suspense is killing me!

  2. Have a child for

  3. Does it mean twas Zainab who sent d sms.

  4. ok i havent read this episode because have been searching for episode 2 all day! Is there no 2 please?

    1. Here it is

  5. loolll...can you guys just give us the whole story :)


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