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Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 2

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If you're just joining, please read Episode one first.

“You’re so bold” Bolaji says while chuckling. “I can’t believe you were questioning Zainab and laughed at their marriage, don’t think we didn’t catch that by the way”

We were in the car going back to my place, if only Bolaji knew the whole story, I’m sure he would not want to have this conversation or maybe he would, it’ll just be a totally different one.

Exasperatedly, I say “I was just surprised, was not trying to clown her or anything.” I didn’t want to talk about Muhammad, I’m so annoyed right now but Bolaji wouldn’t drop it.

“Trust me I know and Muhammad doesn’t even know he is a married man cos he always out painting the town red every weekend but to each his own sha” he looked over and must have noticed that I didn’t want to have this conversation because he just concentrated on the long road before us.

Finally, I think to myself and all I could do was let go of my breath that I had been holding because I thought Bolaji guessed I knew him but thank God. Now I have to think of a plan of how to get to Muhammad before he got to Bolaji. I mean I might not be sure I want to marry him, but I don’t need Muhammad ruining any possibilities of that.

“I’m sure you’re tired, but still thanks for coming with me. I’ll send the driver tomorrow morning since we won’t get your car back till Thursday or so”

“Sounds good”. I was tired and just wanted to curl up in my bed as soon as I possibly could. “Thanks very much Bolaji, I really am tired”

We arrive at my place and before he could even make any sort of suggestion, I quickly grab my things, hop out and say before I shut the door “Goodnight love, I’ll see you later” just in case he started to get any ideas.

I don’t remember my bed looking this scrumptious, well maybe after the wedding this past Saturday but still, the long day made it all the more reason I just wanted to jump in and cuddle.

While preparing for bed, I heard my phone ringing in the other room and just assumed it was Bolaji, who else would be calling me this late? I chose to ignore it till the next morning, I just wanted to sleep. I pick up my phone to set my alarm for the next morning and to my surprise, it was Muhammad that called; 1 missed call and 6 text messages

Monday, 11:43pm: “Hey Toke, please pickup”
Monday, 11:44pm: “Hey, call me back ASAP”
Monday, 11:46pm: “We need to talk”
Monday, 11:48pm “Hey, I really need to talk to you”
Monday, 11:51pm “Are you ignoring me?”
Monday, 11:55pm: “What the hell Toke”
What does this married cheat want with me, silly man I’m sure he wants to “explain”. Either way, not till morning, I don’t have his time tonight at all.

By morning this foolish Muhammad had called me 3 times and 4 other text messages followed. I was running late already after hitting the snooze button one too many times and couldn’t talk to him on my way to work because I don’t know what kind of tabs the driver is keeping on me. I finally call him during my lunch break;
“Hello, Toke what is this? Should I have to be chase you down with my phone before you return my call”
“What do you want” I was upset now. This guy must be mad, he is the one cheating on his wife oh but he wants to start yarning nonsense.
“I wanted to talk about yesterday, you played it well oh” he chuckled.
Was this fool really laughing? Did he think that if I wasn’t there with Bolaji who was a potential I wouldn’t have ruined his marriage last night?
“I thought Zainab will nab me and know something was going on between us but I’m glad you were with Bolaji. Where do you know him from actually?”
“Muhammad, are you serious? That’s why you left so many missed calls on my phone because you think I played it off well and you want to know who Bolaji is to me” I was fuming and only the coming of Jesus was going to prevent me from chewing out this idiot
“You’re mad, like very very mad, if you know what is good for you, you will get off my phone and never mention anything about us to anyone” I just hung up without even waiting for his response.
I hope I’ve not completely burned that bridge but as long as he thinks I’m keeping his secret then I am not worried.
I’m making my way back to the office when Bolaji calls, “Hey love, I was just about to text you when I got back to work” At least this relationship or whatever we are doing is on track, I just need to make a decision soon before I am no longer the leading lady in his life.
“Toke, how exactly do you know Muhammad” he says calmly.
It’s over; I might as well pack my bag now because the ball just left my court.


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  1. Lovely,wheres the continuation? Really curious, hope Bolaji wont let go of her o. I see a brand new car coming as a proposal and Mohammed getting jealous

  2. This is very intresting,am loving it.

  3. I LOVE thissssss please Moriam keep writing cos I loved the 1st write-up, the 2nd and I look forward to others!
    The suspense is killing me grhl, DANG!!!

  4. Loving this!!!!



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