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Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 10

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Bolaji: “Please promise me you’ll listen before fighting me, Toke, please.” He looks sincere but this is not the time to be deceived because of looks. I want to hear what he has to say and I just hope he’s not getting ready to tell me a load of bull crap.

Me: “Bolaji I said I am listening” I emphasized the listening so he knows all I want to proceed from his mouth is an explanation for why he was kissing Zainab. “I promise I won’t fight you, I’ll only listen but you better be ready to answer any subsequent questions I may have”. I walk over the bar stools that lead into the kitchen and take a seat.

Bolaji: “Ok, Zainab and I met 8 years ago in London; it was during my final year in Uni. We met at a club you know, her friend was dating a good friend of mine at the time and it was his birthday. I bought her a couple of drinks and the short story is that we had sex that night and it continued for about 6 months until I moved back to Nigeria after graduation.

We weren’t dating, as a matter of fact I think she had someone she was talking to at the time, but with us it was strictly for the physical. I had no intention of dating her; as a matter of fact I had no intention of being with anyone at the time. Fast forward to 3 years ago when Muhammad found me on Facebook, we met up chatted about life and then he showed me a picture of his new bride of barely a month and it turns out to be Zainab. I didn’t tell him immediately that Zainab and I had a fling in the past because I didn’t want to destroy their home and I was not sure what stories Zainab might have told him.

After that, I was away for about 6 months on a world business conference so I hadn’t even gotten a chance to see Zainab again. Honestly I wanted to stay out of their lives completely just because of the inevitable drama such news would bring. Anyways with Muhammad being my friend, I finally meet Zainab again and she acted like she didn’t know me and I was cool with that whether or not she was pretending or not.”

Me: “Wait, so she didn’t talk to you all this while and all of a sudden she’s sticking her tongue down your throat?” The fact that my Bolaji has slept with Zainab disgusted me. It just made her look cheaper than I already knew she was.

Bolaji: “Babe, please let me finish, so two months later she came to my house to give me the aso ebi for Muhammad’s dad’s 70th birthday party. Muhammad had asked her to drop it off for me since he was not in the country. She walks in and everything is cool until she starts cussing me out saying that I’m pretending that I don’t know her and asking why I was trying to hurt her. I tried to explain to her that I was just playing along with her game, I didn’t have anything to lose but she could have lost her home and family. She starts crying and then she kissed me and wanted to have sex with me saying I was the one she loved and she only married Muhammad because of her father. She starts talking about Uni saying that she only had sex with me hoping that one day it would lead into a permanent situation all while crying on the couch over there. I just figured it was hormones or something and told her to get out and that if she ever tried such again I would tell Muhammad.”

Me: “All this is story Bolaji, it still doesn’t explain why she was kissing you today or are you guys still sleeping together?”

Bolaji: “No we are not, I swear to you Toke; I know I have a weird way of showing it but you’re the only one I want to be with.”

Me: “So what has happened since then that she felt like she could kiss you again today, understand that I am confused hence why I am asking all these questions and know that if you are still sleeping with that woman, we are over!”

Bolaji: “No, after we started dating and she found out, she called me and started crying again but I didn’t pay any attention to her. She threatened to find a way to destroy our relationship if she couldn’t have me to herself but I just ignored it. After a couple of weeks, she called me crying saying that Muhammad was sleeping around and she just found out. I told her I would talk to Muhammad for her and that was it.

She didn’t call me again until yesterday night while I was at the office and she said she had something important to tell me. I told her I didn’t care and she could keep her important information to herself before I headed over to your place. After I left you and Kehinde last night, she called me several times but I didn’t pick up. I had even forgotten about her until I saw her kissing that guy she brought to the party today.”

I was quiet for about a minute just processing all this information and the three points that stood out to me were; Bolaji has slept with Zainab, Zainab is definitely mad`, the highest level of madness and both Muhammad and Zainab need to be put in straight jackets and shipped away.

What kind of marriage do they have where they are both chasing other people? Muhammad is there sleeping with a different woman every weekend and Zainab is having a love affair with Kola all while trying to find a way into Bolaji’s life. They are both just crazy.

Bolaji: “Please say you believe me; I swear I am not lying. I do not want Zainab, never have.”

I didn’t know what to believe, the story sounded viable but I mean parts of me still felt there was more to the story than Bolaji was letting on. “Ok Bolaji f you know that you want me to believe you, then call Zainab so she can confirm it.” I am not even sure why I suggested that, it’s not like Zainab will nicely say, oh yes I am trying to take your man from you especially with what she knows about me.

Bolaji: “Toke, what is this rubbish though, I can’t believe you’re going to make me prove myself. I’m telling you the whole truth and you don’t believe me.”

Me: “Ehn if you’re telling the truth why you won’t prove it ehn Bolaji” I am not sure why I was looking for a fight, he has explained himself but a part of me still didn’t want to just forgive him just like that.

Bolaji: “Ok then, if you don’t believe me, that’s fine, you can ask Zainab herself. You’re obviously looking for a fight and I am not ready to give you one.”

No, this is not where this conversation is supposed to be heading, I had completely forgotten that I also had my own secret that Zainab could spill to Bolaji at any time. I am not the self-righteous woman with no sin whom I am pretending to be at this very moment, now might be the time to come clean to Bolaji about this whole Muhammad and Zainab issue.

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