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Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 9

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I’m all sorts of confused right now, ok let me run this through my head again. Ok, Bolaji saw Zainab and Kola kissing, asked her why she was kissing another man. Yes that happened; I rub my head while trying to remember exactly what I saw. Then Zainab started crying begging Bolaji but she was calling him baby. Then she asked Kola to leave, tried to kiss Bolaji but he resisted after the kiss had gone on for about 10 seconds.

He asked her gently to stop and said they would talk later because Muhammad was inside the house. I am not sure what to make of this scenario; there are two things that are baffling me. Why is Zainab calling my fiancée baby and why does she think she can kiss him? It means that they have definitely kissed before. My mind is painting me so many pictures of Bolaji and Zainab in every compromising situation and it just gets me more and more upset.

Ok, I’ll run through it one more time; Ok I was hiding trying to text Dele while watching Semi explain to him that I had a family emergency. Zainab walks in with Kola, I figured it won’t be long before she runs into Muhammad. I’m walking back towards the house when I hear Bolaji ask Zainab why she’s kissing Kola, then they end up kissing. This is what I have been doing in my head for the past hour while watching Bolaji and his interactions with Zainab.

I was so livid, first my plan to get Zainab off my back has been ruined by Bolaji but now there is a chance that he may be sleeping with her as well. Zainab was going to ruin my life without even trying. Kola is gone, and Zainab told Muhammad I had told her he would be here so she decided to surprise him. Gosh I wanted to pull the skin off her stupid face when she said that, and that one too now hugged me to say thank you.

Bolaji: Hey babe, are you changing before the dinner?”
Me: Umm I’m not sure yet. Why?” So he can take Zainab to his place for a quickie abi? I wanted to just jump on him and beat him as much as my small fist would let me.
Bolaji: “Did you still pack a bag to stay over at my place?”
Me: “Yea, it’s in my car”
Bolaji: Ok cool, let me know if we are riding together cos I’m leaving soon”.
Me: “Oh, umm gimme 5 minutes. I’ll come find you and let you know”
Bolaji: “Is everything ok?” He walks up to me and tries to kiss me. I sharply moved my face, lia lia it’s not me he will kiss with that same dirty mouth that has kissed Zainab.
Me: “I’m fine, I’ll be back”. I roll my eyes and just walk away.

I am so annoyed at him; I don’t even want to be around him. I needed some time to think about what I wanted to do tonight. Honestly I just wanted to go home to my bed and cry at all the possible explanations Bolaji would give me. What will I do? Will I break up with him? I decided to go back home with him, there’s no way I am carrying this anger to the birthday dinner and then church tomorrow with his family. We have to talk about this as soon as possible because if there is something going on then I want to know.

Bolaji: “Ready?” He’s smiles at me and extends his hand. I grab his hand and walk with him towards his car before I could change my mind. Throughout the ride home, I was not in the mood for a conversation, all I wanted to do was get home and talk. I’m not even sure why I decided to ride in his car, what if this discussion led to a big fight and he threw me out of his house or what if I find out he’s sleeping with Zainab and wanted to leave. I was still texting Deji and making up a story about my supposed family emergency when I received a very long text that was obviously a group text so I didn’t even bother reading it.

Bolaji: “Did you just get a text from Shola? Jessica got into an accident earlier today” he turns to me and I’m so uninterested. This was his friend, as much as I am sad that she got into an accident, a quick read of the text lets me know that she didn’t suffer any injuries and has been taken home to rest. I am almost glad because it means this dinner tonight is cancelled and I am so tired anyways so I didn’t really want to go.

Me: “Yea, she’s ok though so we thank God”. Thank God because right before he could say anything else, his phone rings. I don’t want to start this conversation in the car just because I did not know what the turn out will be.

We stop by to grab some Chinese take-out since there is no more dinner and I was starving. We get home and I was so antsy, I just wanted to sit and talk. Deep down in my heart, I didn’t know what I would do because I have not thought about the possible scenarios and I didn’t even talk to my friends about it. The minute we walk in, I drop my bags and turn to Bolaji.

Me: “I saw you kissing Zainab”
Bolaji: “What?”
Me: “Are you deaf? I saw you kissing Zainab today.” He’s standing in the kitchen with a glass of water looking like he just saw the ghost of a familiar person.
Bolaji: “Toke, please before you get angry, let me explain, I can promise you with my life that it’s not what you think”
I walk closer to him, put my hands on my hips, “Oya I am listening now”, you’d think I was getting ready for a street fight.


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  1. Moriam, moriam. Do u want the suspense to kill me? Hmmmmnnn., let them fight biko snd let muhammed divorce Zainab. Ok, lemme wait for episode 10

    1. No mind am. Lol. Been hogging this blog looking for this episode since. Pls hurry up with the next one b4 someone gets hurt! :)

  2. Adventure not Addventure?? Please remove the error and always use spell check.

  3. Moriam please can we have another episode. I can't wait any longer

  4. Don't kill us with suspence please. Niceee

  5. Gangan...can't wait 4 d nxt Episode.dis is so entertaining


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