Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taking You From Friend to Fiancee

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Guess how popular this book will be? I saw this cover, and the blurb below, and could only laugh. Why I am laughing? That subtitle is just classic, "Get him to want you as much as you want him without letting him know that you want him to want you", especially the second part that I underlined. The back blurb goes into more detail...

Ladies! How do you get him to want you as much as you want him without him knowing that you want him to want you? This one’s for you!

I’ve met countless incredible women, like you, who have got it going on, are filled with incredible passion,  vigor and fun, but are, sadly, still single.

I’m often regaled with their conversation of expecting, hoping and then praying to meet their Knight in shining armor, sitting on a white horse, who rides (or drives) in gallantly and sweeps them off their feet, riding (driving) into the sunset.

This, unfortunately, never happens. And time passes by.

I’ve also met some fantastic ladies, like you, who are pining away in silence for the man of their dreams, who unfortunately, only sees them as ‘a good friend’, ‘buddy’ or ‘spiritual sister’ and then they listen painfully as he asks her for relationship advice about ‘a girl he just met.’

‘A girl he just met? I’ve been waiting for him forever and he’s interested in a girl he just met?’ she freaks out and watches in sadness as they walk down the aisle together.

Another good man gone by. Probably taken by a bad girl.

Not anymore!

It’s time you learned the secrets to get YOUR MAN!

But I must warn you, this journey is not for the faint hearted. You’re gonna need to whip up your self confidence, be ready for a paradigm shift and be prepared to do some unconventional things.

If you’re not up to it, I suggest you put this book back on the shelf and keep on walking sister, cause you’re in for some more lonely days and nights.

But if you think you’ve got what it takes, whip your hair back, put your stilettos on and let’s get going!

We have a lot of ground to cover!

Sure, I understand there is a market for women who want to learn some good flirting and dating tips, or even to to move their relationships to the next level, but why resort to subterfuge? Why all the roundabout talk and all the game playing? And then we wonder why so many relationships and marriages are not working?

This is the mentality that I think needs to go, one that insists that women have to be devious and underhanded about how they feel or about their sexuality. Any woman who shows a man she cares for him or is interested in him is automatically a "slut". Women are supposed to be angels and have no emotions for men except they also have to get married. So now we're in a quandry, how do we bridge this divide?

Instead of simply telling women to get out of the cage and be themselves, Steve Harris and company would rather wrap the very valid message of self esteem with their myths, so that women remain in their cages. Women are unable to be real, always playing unnecessary gender games, entering unhealthy and toxic relationships, dying in silence, running rings around themselves and other women, all to maintain the status quo that keeps men at the top.

This Steve Harris I think is a pastor and motivational speaker, I guess he can be sure of the success of his follow up book which will be titled, "How to Get Your Husband to Trust You" or "From Married to Divorced."


  1. Only heavens know what he was thinking!

    Is he aware of the very many friendships that aren't meant to be marriages and that would end up in disasters and ruin the initial friendship if they turned the friendships to dating/marriages?

    Is he aware that you can't force a feeling on a man when the like isn't mutual?

    This to me is like teaching a woman how to use juju on a man she wants whether or not they'd make a perfect pair.

    This book is a joke!

  2. Abeg Myne, na sometin else i wan ask. Shey we nor go read episode 9 for Adventure of a miss? I have loss count of how many times i have visted your blog today. I just de ask ni o.

    1. Yes Myne! I have been refreshing this blog for two days now for episode 9. Please....

    2. Episode 9 is coming soon o, let me go ask Moriam :)

  3. Sounds like the author is trying to do something similar to the American author, Steve Harvey's, 'Act like a lady, Think like a man'

    Abeg, this topic of ways to get a man ..blah blah, seems somewhat overflogged.. Na wa

    Is it mere coincidence that both authors share the same first name?'m wondering


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