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20 Signs You Are Not over Your Ex

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1. You Dwell on His Every Facebook Status
Do you constantly stalk his Facebook page just hoping for a status update about you? This is absolutely one of the first signs you are not over your ex. With all of the social media tools out there, it’s easy to see where your ex has been and is headed, it’s also easy to see what he is feeling, especially if he is the type to put it all over Facebook.

2. You Stalk His Twitter
Maybe your ex is trying to take a step back from Facebook and moves over to Twitter. Do you constantly find yourself stalking his Twitter account? This is another sign you are not over your ex. Put the mouse down ladies and let him live his life!

3. You Show up Wherever He Checks in
FourSquare is definitely one of my favorite apps, but it’s also pretty dangerous – especially if your ex is the type to check in everywhere. Do you watch where he checks in and then just show up? That’s one of the top signs you are not over your ex and that you’re trying to just win him back!

4. You Still Have Pictures of You Two up
Do you still have pictures all over your Facebook and all over your apartment of the two of you? This is absolutely one of the signs you are not over your ex ladies. When you break up with someone, you shouldn’t have pictures of them all over still, after all, why would you want those memories?

5. You’re Still Sleeping with Him
This happens sometimes doesn’t it? Where you are still having sex with your ex. This is one surefire sign that you aren’t over him yet. You need to cut some ties ladies to let yourself heal.

6. You Talk about Him Constantly
Are your girlfriends sick of hearing you talk about your ex? Do they constantly tell you that you need to shut up about him? This is definitely one of the signs you are not over your ex yet. You need to cut the talk about him and pick up some new topics ladies!

7. You Keep Every Present He Gave You in View
While it is customary to keep most of the gifts that he gives you, do you keep every single gift he gave you right out in the open? Do you constantly find yourself wishing for more gifts from him? That’s definitely a sign you are not over your ex yet.

8. You Can’t Change Your Status on Facebook to Single
I know it’s hard to switch your status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’, but if you just refuse to do it, on belief that you two will get back together, it’s definitely a sign you are not over your ex. Girls, you’ve got to be able to switch your status or at least take it off and make it non-visible. It’s all about the closure ladies!

9. Every Single Thing Reminds You of Him
While it is normal for old places that you two went together to and old things that you used to do together will remind you of him and the relationship that you had, if everything in the world constantly reminds you of him, that’s a problem ladies! It’s also one of the classic signs you are not over your ex yet!

10. You Overcompensate
Do you dress all the way up just to go the grocery store because you think that you might see him? Do you go all out with not just your outfits but your makeup all of the time just because you think you might run into him? That’s a sign you are not over your ex ladies!

11. You Compare Every Potential Boyfriend to Him
One of the worst things in the world that you can do with a current boyfriend or even a current date is compare him to your ex. Do you constantly find yourself doing that? That’s a sign ladies that you might not be completely over your ex.

12. Seeing Him Still Makes You Weak in The Knees
What happens when you actually see your ex? Do you get the butterflies in your stomach? Does he make you relive every single memory that you had together? Does he make you weak in the knees? That’s not a good sign girls, it means you really aren’t over him yet!

13. You Still Believe You Are Going to Be Together
Do you hold out hope that you two are going to be able to get together again? Do you believe that you two are really made for each other? It’s a sign you are not over your ex completely yet. You can’t hold out hope for you two to get back together, otherwise, why did you break up?

14. You Constantly Write Love Letters to Him
What about love letters? Do you still write all sorts of love letters to your ex? That absolutely means that you aren’t over him! You should be writing love letters to your current boyfriend or the guy you are dating and not your ex.

15. You Hang Out with All of His Friends Still
When a relationship is over, you really do find out who your friends are, but if you are constantly forcing yourself into his circle of friends, just to find out more information about him, that’s not necessarily being over your ex.

16. You Purposely Try to Run into Him
While hanging out with his friends might guarantee that you will run into your ex, do you find yourself constantly trying to run into him? Do you find yourself at the grocery store or the mall or even old restaurants you used to go to just so you can hopefully see him? Ladies, that’s a sign you are not over your ex yet!

17. You Text Him Constantly
It’s really easy to shoot off a text and not even really think about it, but do you constantly text your ex? Don’t ladies! It’s time to cut the communication a bit, that way it’s easier for you to get over your ex!

18. You Refuse to Delete His Number
I actually did this with an ex of mine, I refused to delete the phone number! It’s hard to really get over an ex, but deleting their phone number out of your phone is the very first step. Trust me, it’s hard, but worth it!

19. You Plan Dates Just to Make Him Jealous
Do you use Facebook and Twitter to detail out all of your dates, just in hopes that your ex will be jealous? While it might be difficult to admit, but your ex is probably not looking at your wall and doesn’t exactly care about what dates you have.

20. You Still Sleep in His Clothes
Finally, do you constantly still sleep in his clothes? That’s one tell tale sign you are not over your ex! After all, you are supposed to give those back in the breakup right?

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  1. Well, these signs sound a bit stalkerish....wasnt surprised to find it was culled from a source with stalk in it lol.

    Basically if you are thinking too much/talking too much/following him online, you are not over him yet and you need deliverance.

  2. If i go by these pointers, i'm definitely over him lol

    1. lol Toin! the mind knows what the mind knows :)

  3. This is too true to be untrue!!! All the points are on point. I remember doing some of those a long time ago *rme*

  4. Hmmm!!! Sooo true, especially the facebook part.

  5. lol so funny but true hmm

  6. Sleep with HER?! Impossible!

  7. All of you guys made me laugh..this is funny..

  8. These are real and true points.Lot's of people who had recent breakups (1-3months) still do most of the listed.

  9. wel some hw tru bt nt dat of sleepin wit him or planin date wit him, changing fb status isn't all dat easy to avoid too much que???ing

  10. wel tru bt nt wntin or sleepin wit him kos ex is x nomatter wot


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