Friday, March 22, 2013

When Do You Tell the World About Your Relationship

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Waje and MI are friends and colleagues, some say they have a romance going on. Waje is a popular Nigerian pop singer, and well loved for her great vocals. She was a guest performer at Darey's Love like a Movie concert [see photos], and also more recently, she hosted MI's Chairman premiere to a global audience on Google+ Hangout.

When asked in a recent interview about that role, she said, "I bond well with MI, and the whole Chocolate City family, so people assume I am an artiste under that label, but it is not so." Her response when the interviewer probed further on rumors of a possible romance gave rise to the title of this post;

Don’t you think MI likes you? I saw his Tweet where MI complained that you had “brother zoned” him.
(laughs) Leave him a beg, he is not serious, we are just friends. Even if we are dating, is it something I would tell the world?

Now, I don't know if Waje and MI are dating or not, but what I'm curious about is this - when do you tell the world about your relationship? Is it a time thing, or a status or seriousness thing? Time, as in 3 months, 6 months, a year? Or status, like it's complicated, exclusive, etc? Do you only tell when you get engaged, or even when you get married?


  1. Once upon a time, many moons ago in a land far away, i had a rule that mum was the word for at least 2 months. Now, i don't have any hard and fast rule but i don't see the reason you have to go shouting from the rooftops about who you are dating and relating. If someone asks, then i would probably say yes thats my boo, but other than that...

  2. I think MI has a serious girlfriend and that him and Waje are just good friends. To the question on the table, there is really no hard rule to it. When your mind feels ready, so it is

  3. My stand is that those that know us personally will probably know almost immediately especially if we're in the same location, I no do LDR please #nojudging. Others will have to wait till they get an IV, either to an engagement party, trado or wedding.

  4. I code my business well, wont go out with the guy tell everytin is signed sealed and delivered.

  5. It is complicated oo. I would like to announce to the world when i know we are serious..but then again, cold feet can happen and who is left with egg on her/his face? The announcer.
    so maybe after wedding date is set? When you know there are no skeletons in the cupboard? When your heart is sure?


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