Saturday, March 2, 2013

Update on Real Life Match Making

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For those who wanted more information about Peter Branson earlier, I've agreed with him to post up more about him. He is really interested in women in the US.

I am easy going ,never married and no kids yet.

I am christian, of Urhobo (Delta State) descent. My current location is about 3 to 4hrs flight away from US.

Preferred age range - 30s. Someone who is easy-going and family oriented

Many thanks.


  1. LOL! Good luck to the interested ladies o! Na wa! "Homely", "knows her role"... I am married but aproko no go free me keep quiet. Single ladies, look for red flags o! Hian!

    Myne, no vex, abeg. You can even delete the comment if it is too inappropriate. It's just my feminist radar on overdrive. But really, I'm sure there are many women who will find this a perfect match.

    1. I agree radar went on serious 'CODE RED'..LOL

  2. Yeah, homely and knows her role as a wife... Hmmmm....
    Maybe he should clarify further on his expectations on homely n wifely. So he gets d "perfect" match.

  3. He is 42 yet his upper limit is 30-31. Why? I don't think love should have those kind of limits o. What if she is 32 or 33 or 34, anyway, i'm sure he will have plenty of takers.

  4. As juicy and eye catching as the first 2 paragraphs are, i just can't help but wonder what exactly "homely,easy going,family oriented and knows her role as a wife" stands for?

    If you ask me, i think our dear man is after a full blown house wife to the core! As per "no kids yet" she must be ready to start "babying" as soon as she gets married!

    But then, who says we don't have women who won't jump at this opportunity? Especially if he can cater for "all"? I hope any lady who responds to this considers and re-considers. On a lighter note, i wonder if her wifely roles of cooking will be required when she's heavily pregnant? Just wondering though...

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    1. Well, those first two paragraphs are not juicy to me simply because he is no spring chicken, yet he is looking for a spring chicken who knows her duties as a wife and is homely. PLUS, he hasn't taken his boards yet or done residency so we are looking at, at least 5 years before he starts practicing. Ok.

      Myne, it's a good thing you put more info up so people know what's up before contacting you. I mean, a girl might fit his criteria perfectly but she is 32, which put her out of the running.

      In case you couldn't tell this age thing annoyed me. Did he stop to think some people (in the age bracket he is after) might think he is too old for them? Mschewww.....

  6. I was one of the anonymous from the previous post. Thanks for the details, but with a 14 year age difference, this isn't for me :) Wish him all the best!

  7. Hmmm! Wat has Oga PB bn doin since that he is yet to write board exams, no Msc yet?
    Anyway me I dnt like to get involved in match making esp when the guy is in ds age range, more like he s run out of options.
    Most men at ds age just want a wife, no friendshp, no relationshp, JUST WIFE.

  8. @42! No boards or msc? Is medicine your 3rd degree I may understand if it is

  9. The information in this post needs to be more detailed because it does not do any justice in showing us what type of personality or qualities he has as a person. What else is there to him that is interesting and would be appealing to a lady looking for true love?

    Also, he said he is a Nigerian doctor in the Caribbean who visits the U.S. regularly on a multiple visitors visa and is looking for a wife in the U.S. as he plans to relocate there?? Hmmm.... sounds like he is looking for immigration papers to me.

    Although it appears he might be seeking a matured lady who is somewhat young and ready to settle down or start a family, he should not have specified an age range or used the words "homely" and "knowing her role as a wife" because they are a turn-off for most women. Plus, a potential wife who has everything he is seeking could be outside the box of the age he is seeking so he needs to be a bit more open-minded.

  10. Ok, I'm happy to see the red flag was flapping wildly in the wind. " knows her role"


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