Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vertical Challenges - A Short "DOCUMENTARY"

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I laughed so hard when I first saw this quasi documentary, some of you may have been wondering why the issue of my height came up in some of my earlier posts, it was this video, I watched it with Atala a few days ago. I was just nodding at some of the points raised by the main actor, who happened to be short too, and the comments on the Youtube page, hahaha...
tunuoyelola - It's not a real story? :( I was getting so carried away with the "Happily Ever After" ending, until the credits started to roll! LOL.

Kaffy Saibu - I love your story I'm 5'3 myself, and I hate it too. lol I wish I was taller "wishful thinking". but at least I'm taller than my mom lmao. And I love tall guys too...I only date tall guys, winks

Alyssa Darden - I love this! I'm short too.. just barely 5 "

TAYOR FARYEM - She likes tall guy!!!!!!!!!!!

chugcee - short guys need love too... but not from me!!!! :) best line ever

lobecosc - The funny thing is that short women are more accepted socially than short men. Men love short women regardless of the guy's height, yet women will not date a short man regardless of the women's height. Great documentary tho.

OK, I promise I won't talk about my short height again, for a while anyway. This documentary is part of the Afrinolly short film competition some of which I have featured like - Where Fishes Drown and The Promise. Both The Promise and The Short Documentary won second prizerespectively in the Film and Documentary categories. You can see the other winners HERE.


  1. You are just too funnny. Well as for me, i love moderate hight women and not the "closer to the ground women".

  2. aww how cute, I'll never complain of being so tall ever again lol.

    I wonder why I never saw any of the AfriNolly Documentaries by the way

  3. This was so amusing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. hehehehe...I love tallllllll men. :D


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