Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Myne - Should I Ask a Mutual Friend to Connect Us?

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Hmm... so there is this guy i followed online, he is just my type. i am already sprung. i followed him but he didn't follow me back. my friend was like it's cause i didn't have a picture of myself up. anyways i found out that a friend of a friend is very close to him, i really do want to meet this guy but I'm scared of being called desperate and thirsty. should i go ahead and ask my friend to make the connect?

Myne says - Don't get sprung so quickly, but by all means try to get your friend to connect you without being too obvious. But be aware that the guy may be doubled up already, and that's why he didn't follow back..

Let's hear what the readers have to say.


  1. I apologize! I apologize profusely ahead of time... didn't read the article (don't like relationship posts) but I just had to mention... the girl is really pretty and her hair is gorgeous!!! :)

  2. get your friend to connect you but keep an open mind he might not be who you think he is

  3. Nollywood is right: This girl is very pretty. She also looks very kind. It seems like photos influence whom this guy follows. Too shallow. She should move on!!!

  4. eeemm dat no be the girl photo oo,lol thats a the picture of a model actually she has a vlog on youtube too on naturall hair.

  5. You could put up your picture and see what happens, besides your mutual friend should be able to tell you if he is single or not


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