Friday, March 1, 2013

Nse Ikpe Etim has a Step Son, Jermaine Sule

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Nse Ikpe Etim got married to Clifford Sule a couple of weeks ago in a civil ceremony on Valentine's day. For me, being that Feb 14 was also my anniversary, I found it very romantic especially knowing that this was the same guy she had dated and loved as a teenager.

Now the journalists and reporters who will not investigate real news have dug up the fact that she is a step mother to her husband's 15 years old son. The few comments I've seen are not very complimentary, but from my perspective, it is a double blessing. She is marrying her love, and she is getting a child in the bargain. And her two men cook too! LOL....

Congrats once again, Nse. And all the best.

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  1. who"s business is it but theirs...

  2. Wooow Nigerian journalists sha, now raiding the man's facebook page and pulling pictures has turned to news?

  3. As long as Nse, her hubby & her step son are not complaining, all the half baked journalists should have a seat!

    Handsome father & son!!!!

  4. In fact, a man that is involved in his son's life like that. Kudos to him.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!! That shows she definitely has a good one :)

  5. No big deal! I'm happy for all of them.

  6. I am really wondering why it is news, is anything wrong with it at all? A woman who has a child hopes to get married as well.....
    Has Nse complained to anyone or did she tell anyone that she didn't know?

    I Love that ooooo especially if she is friends with the young man


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