Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kim K Responds to the Fake Tweet about Nigerian Women

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I think the real Kim Kardashian was quite gracious, but that's only to be expected. And she's getting all this wahala on top her pregnancy. People should be careful o. Someone said the guy who made the initial fake tweet needs to offer an apology, I say that may be stretching it. The guy is already unrepentant [see post].

What we need to do is start a #NigerianWomenLoveKimK. What say you all?



  1. I think the guy should definitely apologise because he basically lied against her. He published commitments that were attributed to her when he knew fully well that it was fake. Yes, the people who formed voltron and started insulting Kim should have checked their facts first but the guy who started it shares a very huge chunk of the blame too. Key word is "should" sha- as in it's the right thing to do. It doesn't mean he HAS TO or HE WILL. I've seen some cocky tweets/bbm statuses where he was saying he'll only get bigger and better with Photoshop and cause more wahala. The guy is a jerk and if we were to make a moral judgement sha, dude should apologise.

  2. @myne I see your scarsim.
    But you see I don't 'love Kim K'
    And a line of tweet is not enof 4 her to clear the air

  3. commitments??? This girl has spent too much time studying and her brain is fried. **COMMENTS abeg.

  4. Love Kim K indeed!! ***rolling eyes. Good for her if she didn't tweet it but no special love for her dearie, she's not inspiring at all. Sorry!!

  5. Nigerian women love Kim K? Biko, kindly exclude me...

  6. Love ko, love ni... biko jare!!!

  7. Abeg o,exclude me from the nNigerian women who are loving her pls.

  8. I like Kim Kardashian and I think the boy who posted the fake tweets should apologize. Especially seeing that a lot of Nigerians attacked her and called her all sorts of names.

    And as for the Darey concert - has anybody thought to ask why Darey himself hasn't complained? If he didn't get what he paid for, then I'm sure he would have said something. The fact that he hasn't said anything speaks volumes to me.

    Again, I like Kim Kardashian and too many people judge her unfairly.

  9. Kim is okay.

  10. What I really want to know is if Kardashian's love or hatred for us is important? It shouldn't be. It doesn't take or add anything to us.Frankly speaking, she's totally irrelevant.


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