Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Got the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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I was nominated by Nana Prah, author and blogger at Loving Romance, Loving Life. Nana is also a member of the Romance Writers of West Africa and the author Love through time, a romance novel to be released later this year by Black Opal Books. I really enjoy Nana's writing and it's always great to be recognized. Thank you, Nana.

So the rule of the award is to state 7 things about me.

1. Since moving to the United States, I have visited 12 states, about 6 of them during our road trip in 2011. America is a very big country, and it has been a great experience seeing what I have of it.

2. I love taking photographs, and writing, but I think you can guess that from this blog.

3. I started wearing my hair unrelaxed a couple of years ago. Though I call it natural most times, I feel funny doing that when I use shampoo and hair creams I know not what goes into them.

4. I am a big fan of some great artists and have been lucky enough to see some of them in concert, Toni Braxton as well as Sade and John Legend. Almost saw Kenny G who is actually a Seattle native some time ago, but mixed up the dates after already getting tickets, I could have kicked myself

5. I am infertile, and for those who need an explanation, it means any person or couple who cannot get pregnant after one year or more of unprotected sex. I am still believing God, and I hope in the meantime to share that parenting love with foster kids, maybe adopt one day.

6. I am a feminist, I think majority of women are downtrodden and believe I can help their lot by speaking it and advocating for policies that benefit them. I also believe in women collaborating and supporting each other.

7. In case you missed it, I am a short woman. Some call it vertically challenged, I call it what it is. This is a bonus so you guys can tease me again :)

Now it’s my turn to nominate seven bloggers who inspire me.

- Wives Townhall Connection

- 9jamom

- Joy Akut

- Relentless Builder

- Blogoratti

- Rhapsody Phoenix

- Mizchif

Click on their names to and find out why I find their blogs so inspirational.

If you've been nominated and don't want to play along or don't have the time, no worries. But if you do, here's how to play:

Display the award logo on your blog.
Link back to the person who nominated you.
State 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 3 - 7 other bloggers and link back to them.


  1. Nice one. Love your boldness about the infertility and I know u will be a very good mum.

  2. Congrats for the well deserved award.

    As for you being infertile, God is on the throne. In no distant time He will answer your prayers IJN.

    As for you been 'brief' in stature, it's because you did not pay 'development' levy been charged by your state govenrment in Nigeria. LOL

    1. LOL...this had me snorting my cocoa drink, be careful o, LWKMD! Development levy, wait till I use this one someone else :)

  3. Congrats dear, its been long in coming.
    I love all the facts about you except no5. Believe me when i say "No woman is infertile" This is because God created us from the very beginning to help bring life into this world. Don't say that 'word' it's not yours and never will.

    1. Thank you Adaeze, I try not to miss religion and medicine when it comes to issues that are easily diagnosed like infertility. Thank for the good wishes though.

      As for God creating everyone to help bring life I agree, but that life must not be children, Jesus and Paul among other childless people in the bible come to mind.

    2. Sigh Adaeze, I know you mean well and don't mean to "get on your case" but had to speak out. I'm with Myne on this - God created ability to practice medicine and accepting a diagnosis doe not imply a denial of His word or faith.

      He has created everyone to bring life but sometimes not in the way we all think or wish. Myne's openess about her infertility should be applauded especially in a culture where we blanket everything with "God forbid" or "It's not my portion" There are millions who are infertile - what do we say about/to them?

      Just look at Oprah without children of her own but has impacted more children's lives than most biological parents ever will.

      Acceptance of an issue to bring awareness to it and perhaps help someone else find acceptance and possibly a solution/alternative to their childlessness - that in of itself is bringing life into the world.

  4. Congratulations super woman :)

  5. Congratz Myne. This is just the beginning for you.
    I am in debt of four awards now. Hmm, Will try and handle all in one day. Lol!

  6. Thanks for nominating me. This feels so good!

    1. You're welcome, Eya. Look forward to reading about you.

  7. I'm checking out all seven of your awarded blogs. Your feminist demeanor shines through. I loved the piece you did where you chased down an interview from the photographer of the prostitutes in Italy. Brilliant work. Brilliant blog.

  8. Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon.

  9. Shorty indeed. You have a 'tall' presence.

  10. Hey Shorty, what's your number? ;)

    Thanks for the nomination - great way to wrap up a hellish week! My head just got too big to carry around oh, lols!

  11. Woo-Hoo! Thanks a lot for nominating me, Myne. I really appreciate it! I hope I'll get to do this soon. Thanks again!

    LOL @ being vertically challenged. That 'development levy' comment was something else ... Hehehe!

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