Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dear Myne - He is Younger than Me But I want Him

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...I have a little problem. I play hard to get...I think too much at times and think I'm regretting my latest action.

I was match-made with this guy, who I later discovered is a year younger than I am.

I was against this initially because prior to this I was against dating a younger man. As a matter of fact, I only dated a guy if he was at least 3yrs older than me.

We got talking and I soon discovered that I actually liked dis dude. I can't remember the last time I fell for someone like this. The problem is that in the course of our getting to know each other, I lied that I'm in a relationship.

Now he has withdrawn a little as we don't chat like we used to. I don't know how to tell him that I lied n my pride won't let me tell him that I also like him.

Please, I need your advice on this!


  1. So many a lady lose their true hearts through this 'playing hard to get' and the 'pride' always getting in the way. My advice to you is: call that dude immediately, tell him your sincere feelings for him and for once make yourself happy. If you don't, you might only have the regret with you till your grave calls. Follow your heart, lady and not your 'pride'.

  2. I've taken him...sorry

    1. Loooollll!!! I'm d lady who posted dis lil 'wahala' and I'm actually laughing bcos the match maker is also called Pamela *rolls eyes*.

      Anyhoo, thanks guys ('n' Myne) for the reply. I think I'm going 2 'gather liver' for dis challenging task dat was caused by the hard 2 get 'wuruwuru' our mothers taught us.

  3. Call him,talk 2 him like a matured heart will do.....but dont bring down ur defences yet
    it'll go along way in making you feel better trust me

  4. just tell him the truth. if he is matured, he will handle the situation well. but i don't think you should go all out and declare your love for him immediately. Just tell him that you misjudged him and tried to put off being friends with him by lying that you were in a relationship. by the way, one year younger is not really a big deal. life ages us differently. there are some young ones that are wiser than their years

  5. Please go with your heart, just be sure he reciprocated before giving it your all. All the best.


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