Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Did Kim K Call Nigerian Women Names on Twitter?

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I think it is quite a stretch for a celebrity based on PR like Kim to make such a faux pas, but some people really believed she tweeted this, and fired back at her. Finally turned out to be photo-shop done by twitter handle @chuckicheese.

Just another day on Twitter. Who was part of the rofo-rofo?


  1. I was actually saddened by the whole insults that got tweeted at her. Someone wished her "pussy" cancer and other forms of cancer and went as far as saying the child in her womb would hate her and all sorts. Few people took their time to even find out if it was real or not. We shouldn't be so quick to lash out as humans, its not right nor fair. Cancer??? of all things, do people think cancer is a joke? gosh.

    I don't even know why its getting to me, maybe because I have a close person who died of cancer.

  2. Im pained by this prank coz the insults metted out on Kim yesterday were totally cruel. She must have gone into shock. Too bad she was a victim of our bottledup frustrations and callousness.We just follow the crowd.One persom said she tweeted that and the majority believe

  3. Nigerians were cursing out her unborn baby chai! I mean, we know Kim K isn't Einstein but I refuse to believe she's that stupid biko

    1. Kim K is actually pretty intelligent. I don't know why people think she is dumb. Her morals might be different from the average person's but dumb? That she is not.

  4. I was ashamed on behalf of my fellow Nigerians yesterday. They have been doing this since like the way Linda would post a provocative story and people will just start raining abuse. But this time around, it went too far

  5. it was really bad. He could get sued for slander. I was really irritated by the reactions plus plus he forgot to verify the edited account smh*


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