Thursday, March 7, 2013

Date Night Movie Review - Warm Bodies

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It's been a while since our last review, and it's not because we've not seen some movies recently. We have. The thing was, I decided on a new format for the reviews, something more interactive and which required us to sit down and chat on IM. Well, we finally coordinated our chat, and the review is now ready.

Atala: 'Warm Bodies'.

Myne: I liked the premise... young zombie falls in love and becomes human.

Atala: I agree - I was suckered by the five minute trailer that I saw. It promised a lot of quirky humour.

Myne: Indeed...

Atala: But it looks like I really need to pay attention to my rule - DON'T GET SUCKERED BY TRAILERS!

Myne: Lol... and at the begining it was fresh and engaging. I wanted to know R - the protagonist of the movie - some more. What was it about this new kind of zombie? And who does he fall in love with?

Myne: What did you think of the Julie - his love interest?

Atala: Hm... I didn't feel that her backstory (and the backstory of a lot of the cast) was well fleshed out.

Myne: Right. And we later find she's a stand in for Juliet of the classic Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This would have been OK, they it meant they did not pay attention to character backstories.

Atala: It was not just the backstory of the characters, but the plot itself. We hear that there's been some kind of apocalypse, but the story feels somewhat insubstantial. And the zombieverse was somewhat inconsistent.

Myne: That's true. But I think the writers felt they could get away with it since we kinda already knew the story. But so many holes that I was waiting to be plugged became even bigger when I realized that, and it turned me off. Also, the poor CGI of the extreme skeletal zombies - the boners - did not help.

Atala: But it wasn't all bad for me... I did like the way the film showed the growing love between R and Julie, and I also liked the positive message of change concerning some of the zombies. I think this was good enough that I was temporarily blinded to the film's holes. But ultimately, the blindness was only temporary, and looking back, I have to give this a 3.

Myne: I give it a 3 as well, just for doing something a bit new, even if it was at the core, a romantic comedy. The main actor - Nicholas Hoult - was quite good also, and the cheesy parts of the movie just got to my romantic side.


  1. Girl, I was sooooo disgusted by the preview of this movie. I won't watch it even if it's free. It just rubbed me the wrong way, I don't know. I was utterly disgusted by the zombie. LOL.

  2. Well, you won't miss much by not watching this one :)


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