Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 Things You Never Knew about Toke Makinwa

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Toke Makinwa is a Rhythm 93.7 radio presenter, and she was profiled on the ThisDay Sunday newspaper where she revealed ten things about herself, some of which I found quite interesting. I also saw her interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, and I think I'm beginning to like her. She shows this self-awareness that comes with maturity, and she can laugh at herself too. Enjoy the interview below. I also suffered the short-girl syndrome when I was younger, I think I'm mostly over it now, lol...

• “I suffer from short-man syndrome. A lot of people think I’m snobbish, or I’m a rude person. But it’s just us short people we always think people want to take us for granted because of our height. So I’d rather cut you off before that happens.”

• “My favourite food is Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu. I don’t get to eat that as much as I’d love to but every time I go to like a local restaurant I always order that.”

• “I cry easily. I’m a big softie. I’m a hopeless romantic – I don’t go to weddings because I cry a lot. That’s one thing people don’t know. People invite me for their weddings and I don’t turn up, and they don’t understand why.  I’ve been to a few weddings and I cried my eyes out.”

• “I suffered a great loss at a very young age, and I’m still trying to open up about myself. So let’s just say I’m still not ready to talk about it.”

• “My favourite holiday destination is Spain. I would go to Spain over and over again. I love Marbella. It’s so beautiful there, the people are so nice.”

• “I’m a TV series junkie. I never have time to watch a lot of TV but right now I’m watching ‘Scandal’, ‘Revenge’, ‘Suits’ and ‘Downtown Abbey’.”

• “I love pets a lot. I don’t have one yet but I’m thinking of getting a dog soon.”

• “I’m very open to adoption. I find it very weird when people talk about having kids and they say, oh you kids must be your kids and I think it’s such a selfish way to live because there are a thousand children out there who could do with some shelter. Even when I have my own kids I’ll still adopt. I think it’s such a beautiful thing; it’s a way of giving back. People help us in different ways, and if you can bring that sunshine to someone else, why not?”

• “I was a late-bloomer. I remember in secondary school when all my mates where already wearing bras, I was still very flat-chested. It was terrible.”

• “I love my own company most times. People think I’m very loud and always out there. But on some days I can be very into myself.”

via Obehi Okeawo's Blog


  1. Wow, I'm beginning to like her. She is fun to be with.

  2. I suffer from big girl syndrome. I will dish it out first before any idiot disrespects me. LMAO.

  3. Lol @ being a late bloomer. Me too I was. Wore the bra once I got to senior secondary school even when I was still flat cheated. love her personality.

  4. I love this Myne. And I might be doing same on my blog too.
    I love my own company most times too.

  5. Another Downton Abbey fan? Just how many of us are there? :)

    Lol @ short man syndrome. I'm yet to hear of a woman with "tall-man" syndrome.

  6. This is very revealing and it'll help people's perception of her.She sounds like a nice person though,just the type that likes her space.

  7. She's really likeable..

    Talking about syndromes, I also suffered from skinny girl all manner of off-the-shelf-selfprescribed supplements just to get fat and appear my age..imagine!) Now I 'fight' to stay slim and beam with pride when people comment on how blessed I am to be 'this' slim after 2kids...

    #women + their palava

  8. She's a nice person. I love Spain too!!!

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