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How To Get The Guy - Kids Talk Dating Problems

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Honestly, I'm not sure whether to laugh at this or not. But it sure is cute and funny. Watch it and decide for yourself :)

Where Do You Buy Groceries - Shoprite or Mile 2

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I saw this picture of an alan poser woman, who is buying tomatoes at Mile 2 and telling her friend she's buying salad tinz at Shoprite. I reminded me of those #godiswatchingyou tweets sometime last year. Seriously though, where do you prefer buying your cooking ingredients, especially the fresh ones?

Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter

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Happy Easter!

I Stand For Change, Do You? By Banky W

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I recently celebrated my birthday… I was fortunate enough to go to Dubai to attend my friend Tuface Idibia’s wedding… and I want to start off my speech by showing you a couple of pictures of Dubai, because what I saw there inspired me.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the same oil that was discovered there in the 1960’s that they used to transform that society. The very same oil that was discovered here. But what have our leaders done with it?

Benjamin Franklin once said “when you’re finished changing, you’re finished”. I’d like to take that a step further by saying “we must be a part of the change we seek, or risk being changed ourselves”.

The question is no longer “will Nigeria change”… but rather, it’s “will it change for the better or worse” and “who will lead that change”.

GTBank Orange Ribbon Initiative For Autism Awareness

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Are you a Medical Practitioner, Caregiver, Teacher, Social Worker, Counselor or Parent?

Guaranty Trust Bank cordially invites you to register to attend the GTBank Autism Seminar on 8th & 9th April, 2013 at MUSON Centre, Onikan Lagos. Log on to for registration.

The Guaranty Trust Bank Orange Ribbon Initiative is a community development program on child healthcare. It is a selection of projects to create awareness about developmental disabilities especially Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and help people living with these challenges.

Autism Spectrum Disorders as with other developmental challenges, arise from insufficient development of a child’s physical, emotional or intellectual capacity. Autism Spectrum Disorders are largely misunderstood by society and this make it difficult for affected children to cope with everyday demands of their environment and may lead to varying stages of social stigmatization.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some Reasons That Keep Men From Getting Married

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Sometimes, you see handsome, hardworking men who are single, and say they are searching and ready to get married, and you wonder, "so what is stopping you?".Uti Nwachukwu and Mikel obi were both selected nominated as February man candys, for looking good and working hard. They were among those who were single and still searching.

Today in different interviews, they reveal some reasons they are still that way. One reason I appreciate their comments is that they made about them rather than about faults in women in general or about a specific woman.

Uti Nwachukwu thinks it is aspects of his character that's keeping the woman he wants away;

“I am an extremely jealous guy but I am praying to God to make me less jealous and less possessive. I believe that if you find somebody that’s for you, that person should be for you only. I’m a bit extreme because my lover must focus on only me. Now that’s a bit difficult and that’s why I say I am a very difficult person to be with. Perhaps, I’m very demanding when it comes to relationships. Apart from being a jealous lover I also expect you to give back to me what I am giving you. I expect 100 per cent attention and care and nothing less. So, it’s going to be hard but I know God gave me this standard in order to connect me with the exact person he has created for me.”

How to Make Tomato Stew in Pictures

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Tomato stew is one of those meals all Nigerians are supposed to know how to cook, and it is a base to a lot of popular foods like white rice and stew, with dodo, with okro for swallow foods, among others. I find it one of the easiest to prepare as it doesn't need much attention, except when it does.

Yes, I've had some of my stew burn at the bottom of the pot because I forgot it for about five minutes or so. But if you pay attention towards the end, and remember to keep the heat low, it should not be too hard to get it just right.

Short Story - You Forgot Us by Daniel Okoli

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They took their Val’s Day celebration to the Vignette restaurant.

This was the day he would propose, this was the day he would ask her to be his wife.

The table had been booked three weeks ahead of time, the wine pre-ordered about the same time.

They sat close to each other, arms touching lightly, before a table softly lit by four fragrant white candles that cast a glow on two serving plates, embroidered napkins and silverware.

She ordered chicken soup for first course and he said “Make that two.”

They waited. She smiled a lop-sided smile at him. “Let me show you something.”

She placed an iPad on the table, a gift he’d given her three months ago, on an ordinary Monday evening. She powered it up.

Live Theatre on Sunday - Zulu Sofola's The Wizard of Law Free

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Zulu Sofola is one of Nigeria's foremost playwrights, the best if you ask me. Yes, better than Wole Soyinka :) I have seen a couple of them, and wish I had the opportunity to see this one too.

Zulu Sofola's The Wizard Of Law is being presented free on Easter Sunday at The New Unity Centre, 28 Isaac John GRA 4:30pm and 6pm. Sorry it is coming late, I just got the notice.

Though free, you need to book your tickets before the show. Find them at or or SMS 08039754365.

Summary of Wizard of Law;

The Wizard of Law deals with an old lawyer, Ramoni, who has met with reversed finances and who tries at a festive period to impress his wife by purchasing expensive lace material on credit at a time when he is penniless.

The cloth-seller, Rafiu, takes advantage of this opportunity to inflate the prices of cloth in order to make a heavy gain.  Ramoni, not having the money with which to pay, gets more and more into trouble.  He desperately looks for a court case through which he would get the needed money.

Friday, March 29, 2013

This Story Makes Me Think I May Adopt From Nigeria

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Olusola Stevens and his wife, Chinwe are workers in the the Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF). He has been in missionary work for 22 years and most of it has been rescuing infants and babies who are victims of the practice in most of the indigenous villages around Abuja of the killing of infants or burying some alive when their mothers die.

Their story was in the Sunnewsonline and it is making me seriously think whether to adopt from here or Nigeria. Obviously, there are children here who also need parents and permanent homes, but this level of abuse of children, it is killing me. Stevens and his wife have 33, but some are still lost, and the same things may be happening all over the country. I am so proud of Nigerians like the Stevens and the work they do. To me this is real missionary work, and I want to be part of it.

Stevens recalled to Abuja Metro the challenges of taking care of the rescued children but remains happy that: “God has never failed. Though there could be delays but He will surely come through and this we can testify to in our case.”

The Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF) is a non-denominational body with task of evangelising the interior and remote societies. That is the gospel that touches human lives.

“We just don’t preach the gospel. In some of the places we have been to, we have established schools, especially in the North East. We also have medical outreach centres. Basically, we don’t stay in city; we go to the interior to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to people.”

Letter To My Future Wife by Noble Igwe

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After following the trending #dearfuturewife yesterday, I wanted to know what started it, and I found that this letter written by Noble Igwe on 360Nobs in 2011 had recently started making the rounds again. Who knows if Noble is married now, this is a sweet and beautiful letter.

Dear Future Wife,

I don’t know what you look like, if you are out here or reading this right now! If you are, please print this letter and bring it to our wedding reception. It will make a good read before our guests. They say behind every successful man is a woman. I’ll like to say that behind every successful man is a good woman because I’ve seen men that have shut down their businesses because they got involved with the wrong woman.

I want to be successful and I need to find you right now more than ever. You may not know how much I need you but I come home every night with stories that I would love to share with someone special. I come home late from clubs sometimes wishing you’d be in bed waiting for me to hug your warm body. Your slot in my life is so empty it hurts because I know you are out there without me.

I’ve often imagined how you look. Are you dark or fair in complexion? Are you Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa? I play around with different images in my head but one thing stands out, I know you are very curvy.

Dear Myne - He Almost Raped Me, Should I Report Him?

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Dear Myne, I am such a dilema and very hurt. I am in my mid 20s and work as a researcher somewhere in Europe and was presenting at a conference this week. The lodging was in a flat with 2 guys ( the venue was a resort), I had my own room and so did the guys.

However, after a trip to the city, one of the guys (non-Nigerian) had to do something in the city, leaving me with this other guy. I didnt think anything was amiss, we gisted, chatted and I told him I want to take a nap, so as to wake up to do some work.

Somewhere in the night, I felt a movement around me and I saw this guy naked! I started screaming and he was asking that I stopped. I was so terrified. In my shock, I went into the patio and found a place to sleep. Called my boyfriend in the UK, and he was very angry and he asked me to walk the guy out of the apartment ( I could because, he was staying an extra night, based on his travel schedule. I made arrangement with my other colleague as a means of helping a brother from home).

Homeless Man Who Returned Ring, Reunited With His Family

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Who remembers that story last February about a homeless man that returned a lost engagement ring left in his donation cup? If not, read here. Harris, who had been homeless for years before then, now has a home, a job, and last Sunday, he reunited with the family he had not spoken with for 16 years.

Four of his siblings surprised him on the set of the Today show, after his younger sister Robin saw a story about Harris and his good deed online. The lady whose ring Harris returned was so impressed by his honesty that they set up a website to take donations for him, hoping to raise the $4,000 the worth of the ring. That fund raised $185,000!

Talk about how it pays to be good and do good. I hope things continue to work out for him.

Official Video For Waje's I Wish

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The part of this video I liked the best was where she was playing piano in a room lighted by chandeliers of hurricane lanterns. And Waje sings very well too.

Natural Hair in Dreadlocks Becomes Target For Thieves

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Dreads are one option I've been considering for my natural hair, so this news gave me the shivers. In economics, it is said demand must match supply, otherwise a black market flourishes. When it comes to using natural African hair as extensions, this is coming true in a very nasty way. In south Africa, men who seem to have longer dreadlocks are being attacked on the streets, and their hair cut with a knife, a broken bottle, or whatever.

Jack Maseko was a victim recently, three men attacked him and took his mobile phone and the dreadlocks he had been growing for three years. Mutsa Madonko had been growing his for 10 years before his hair was shaved off outside a Johannesburg night club also. According to the BBC;

Shoulder-length dreadlocks are sold for between 200 rand ($23; £15) and 700 rand, while longer ones cost as much as 2,000 rand.

So what happens to the stolen hair?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

#DearFutureWife - What Would You Say To Your Future Wife?

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This hashtag has been setting fire to twitter with good and bad tweets like "Your Twitter record must be clean, no twitfight, no nudes. U must trend for the right reasons." and the one embedded above." See more below;

Women Who Go Out on Dates with Men For Free Food

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Some ladies have made it a part time career. It was in 2006 that the concept of 'dinner whore' was popularized when the New York Post published an article about Brooke Parkhurst, pictured above. She was then a 26-year-old food blogger, and confessed to running up a combined tab of $30,000 after going on more than 200 dinner dates.

More recently, a New York Carrie Bradshaw wannabe, Brittny Pierre, kept her food budget down by utilizing online dating sites like OKCupid and Craiglist personals to score dinner dates, not for romance but for the free meals. In her own words on XOJane;

Throwback Thursday - Oleku 1999

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This is me circa 1999, still in uni, still innocent, trying out the oleku that was all the fashion then, lol...

Someone explained to me what tbt meant in this post and since I have all these old pictures, I decided to share some with you. One every Thursday. If you want to join me, say so in the comments, and I'll add a link box to this post, and you can link up.

Are there Truly Happy Marriages in Nigeria?

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The main reason I write romance novels, and why I moved into blogging about relationships is that I wish more people, and women especially have a better experience of their relationships and marriages. I have defended good and happy marriages before when an article insisted they were all based on lies [see post], but I have also wondered why Nigerian marriages are sometimes such a farce? [see post].

The issue of the dysfunction in Nigerian marriages have come up again. Sting asked whether truly happy marriages exist in Nigeria. She wrote;

At this point I want to know what is the incentive for me to get married. People don't take their vows seriously, no one wants to work on their marriages anymore, the divorce rate is too damn high. Seriously, what is the point of marriage? Is it just a rite of passage that I am expected to go through as an African woman?

I hear stories of people who regret getting married and are truly unhappy but stuck because of societal expectations. If you are married, are you happy? Is it what you expected? Do you think finding the right person is luck or you did something special ( besides pray). What would you do differently?

Dear Myne - Did I Frustrate and Drive Him Away?

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I am in my late twenties and working and living in the US. Last year, a friend asked if she could give my number to a guy she knew living and working in the UK, he was actively looking for a wife to settle down with. We were to chat, get to know ourselves and see if we wanted to take it to the dating/courting level, and I agreed.

Though she briefed me about him, I found myself sleuthing and snooping around on the Internet to know more about him. I didn't hear from him for about two weeks after he had been given my number.  I decided to add him on Facebook - by this time I said if he didn't respond I'd write him off as not interested.

He did add me, introduced himself and apologized for delaying to connect out of work since our mutual friend had strongly recommended me. I accepted his apology and soon after, our mutual friend contacted me, saying he told her he was quite keen after seeing my profile and he was going ahead to court me (bla bla bla), and she asked me to please be kind to him as he was a very nice person.

That Gang Rape in 2011 actually Happened in Rivers State

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A rape video went viral last year, and I think before the news about it died down, a couple of the suspects had been arrested. It was generally believed that the rape took place at the Abia State University, but the police have confirmed it did not, but in Rivers State. Vanguard reports that Abia State government is not happy.

Reacting to the revelation by the Police in Rivers State that the gang rape actually took place at Obite in Etche local government area of Rivers State, Chief of Staff to the state governor, Mr. Cosmos Ndukwe, warned that the state had had enough of the embarrassment. He said the state government would no longer take kindly  to politically-motivated bad press directed against it.

According to him, those who linked the incident to Abia State University were hasty and to say the least, made with so much bad blood. He said they already formed their opinion without any investigation, noting that they also refused to listen to Abia State Police Command which preliminary investigations showed that the incident did not happen in the state.
While he has a point, not everything has to be political bad press. The outrage should be directed at finding and prosecuting the culprits, and not on debating the venue of the crime.

Okadabooks - Buy Books Via MobilePhone SMS Credit

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While Okechukwu Ofili came to me with this idea, I was blown away. Not only did he agree with my belief that Nigerians do read, he took it a step further and did something. Okadabooks is a fast, simple and fun way to read ebooks in Nigeria without ever having to worry about how to pay with cash, card, whatever. You send a text to top up your account, choose a book, then download and start reading – it’s as easy as riding an okada. It’s book reading, reinvented. Oh yeah, and it may be cheaper than the Okada you rode yesterday!

The eBook reader app is currently in the test launch phase. During this time books will available to anyone in Nigeria with an android phone. You will be able to purchase the available books using your phone credit, including all the major phone providers. My short story, Best Friends Forever is on the app in full for a mere N150. There also free books, and some go for as little as N20. You are also assured of a good variety of titles and categories, and this will keep growing. We may even extend to Apple and Windows soon.

To download the app, click HERE. To find out more about Okadabooks, check out their faq.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jayz Shows Beyonce Love on Instagram - She Saved Me

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I am not the only one getting some online PDA [See Atala's 15 Things I Love about my Nigerian Wife].

JayZ is showing Beyonce cool love on Instagram. In addition to the captioned picture above, there are a couple of others below and more on his page. You can follow him here. I am also on instagram, here :)

What is #tbt, that's the caption to the third picture.

Kim K Responds to the Fake Tweet about Nigerian Women

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I think the real Kim Kardashian was quite gracious, but that's only to be expected. And she's getting all this wahala on top her pregnancy. People should be careful o. Someone said the guy who made the initial fake tweet needs to offer an apology, I say that may be stretching it. The guy is already unrepentant [see post].

What we need to do is start a #NigerianWomenLoveKimK. What say you all?


Blast from the Past: Awolowo, HID and Their Children

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Awolowo and HID

Obafemi Awolowo (March 6, 1909 - May 9, 1987) was a Nigerian politician and leader, a Yoruba Chief, and considered a founding father of Nigeria, he was the first premier of the Western Region in 1954. He married Hannah Idowu Dideolu in 1937. I've shared a picture of Awolowo and HID on their wedding day here. They had two sons and three daughters. He was a practicing Wesleyan Methodist. Awolowo died in his home town, Ikenné on May 9, 1987.

Will You Write Your Own Wedding Vows?

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It is easier when you have a non-denominational wedding, or an independent priest officiating your wedding, otherwise you might just be stuck with the lithurgy, or whatever is in the wedding solemnization catechism for your denomination. I wed in the Anglican church where my dad is a knight, still I managed to change around a few things, for instance I did not vow to obey, and one or two other lines. Luckily the Bishop read from our program rather than the Book of Common Prayer and did not notice. BTW, I'm still vexing that he skipped the "you may kiss the bride" part. Moving on...

I just read about Tuface and Annie Idibia's wedding vows and I was tripping.

TuFace Idibia
Many years ago I was farther than the eyes could see.
Now we are now in that future
When I look into your eyes, I still see
You came into my life and you lit it up
Like the sun, like the moon, like the stars
All the words in the dictionary
All the words in this world can not be enough
To say what my heart feels for you.
But all I can say is baby, my heart is like a stereo right now
And it will beat only for you till death do us part.
I love you baby.

Dear Myne - I am Tired of Praying For a Husband

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I have been praying for so long...about 5 years now and it seems God chooses the people he wants to answer. I'm beginning to hate having to put up a smile when we have family meetings..(That's every sunday). Having to makeup and do the wedding secor for my younger friends...going to my friend's children's parties no longer funny. Not because I'm not happy for them, just like "God when will u answer me" kinda feeling. I really don't know what to pray about anymore. I'm tired in my spirit.


This came in from Olufunmi in comment to Prayer works in finding a Husband

Bill and Melinda Gates are Looking for a Better Condom

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that is. They have put out a call to geeks and inventors interested in sexual health and AIDS prevention to think up ideas to improve the current condom used by virtually everyone. The details have been posted on their Grand Challenges website as follows;

We are looking for a Next Generation Condom that significantly preserves or enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use. Additional concepts that might increase uptake include attributes that increase ease-of-use for male and female condoms, for example better packaging or designs that are easier to properly apply. In addition, attributes that address and overcome cultural barriers are also desired.

Basically, the Gates Foundation is saying they see the point of those who do not like the condom for reducing their pleasure, so they are offering a $100,000 startup grant to the person who will design this "next generation condom". The start-up grant could lead to $1 million in further funding if your idea is found to have merit.

Now let me go on put on my thinking hat, sexual and public health education used to be my first love. Any other takers? LOL...

Did Kim K Call Nigerian Women Names on Twitter?

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I think it is quite a stretch for a celebrity based on PR like Kim to make such a faux pas, but some people really believed she tweeted this, and fired back at her. Finally turned out to be photo-shop done by twitter handle @chuckicheese.

Tonto Dike Releases Video For Hi

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Nollywood actress turned singer, Tonto Dike adds a "Techno" feel to her second track titled "Hi", but I still think the video is better than the song.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

15 Things I Love About My Nigerian Wife

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Myne told me she was writing a post about what some of the features she thought women wanted in their husbands, or at least, what they looked for. I was pleasantly surprised when I caught up with her blog and she had made the post more specifically about what she loved about me [15 Things I Love about my Nigerian Husband]. Of course, I was blushing with modesty, and then the self ego massaging quickly took over. But there is time for everything, and this is time for retaliation. Here are 15 things I love about Myne.

1. She’s intelligent. One of the things I liked about Myne from the get go when we were interacting online was how she would articulate her well-reasoned out views on topics. Even now, there are many times I’ll come up with a proposal on how we should do something, and she’ll point out aspects that I not thought about. Being exposed to her views on issues has really helped me grow as a person.

2. She’s considerate. She doesn't always want to have or get her own way, sometimes she's very willing and maybe even happy to compromise, and let me have my way. I still ride my bike to work, yay! Everybody is still shocked, but on a serious note, why should I stop what I love doing only because I'm married? I do try to be less of a daredevil coming downhill.

Real Love Story - Jimi Odukoya Weds Kemi Banjoko

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Jimmy Odukoya is the first son of Pastor Taiwo and late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya. He is also an ordained pastor,as well as a rap/musical artiste. He married Oluwakemi Sade Banjoko a few weeks ago in London. They actually met for the first time in 2011, in a parking lot in Lagos, and spoke to Thisday on how their romance progressed, even as he is a pastor;

Was it love at first sight.
Jimmy: Actually no, I talked more to her cousin, Kike, catching up, updating each other. I hardly spoke to her. We were talking of relationships and she said she has been single for four years and she hasn’t seen what she is looking for. I said this is Lagos, this is your first time in a long time, before you know it you will have lots of offers, people will probably offer to chat you up, and her cousin suggested that we exchange contacts since we were both single and I said okay. That was the first day.

Kemi: The next day was my cousin’s introduction and that was when we started talking. He asked my cousin’s permission to talk to me.

Your cousin is male, I presume?
Jimmy: He is male, we went to school together. When I got there I asked if I could talk to her cousin and he is one of my very good friends and I said why is everybody not talking to her. They said he told everyone not to talk to her, so I said let me go and talk to her and we really had a very good conversation and I asked her to marry me jokingly because my sister had just gotten engaged and I found out that my brother in-law, Olumide’s younger brother had just gotten engaged.

Dear Myne - Should I Ask a Mutual Friend to Connect Us?

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Hmm... so there is this guy i followed online, he is just my type. i am already sprung. i followed him but he didn't follow me back. my friend was like it's cause i didn't have a picture of myself up. anyways i found out that a friend of a friend is very close to him, i really do want to meet this guy but I'm scared of being called desperate and thirsty. should i go ahead and ask my friend to make the connect?

Myne says - Don't get sprung so quickly, but by all means try to get your friend to connect you without being too obvious. But be aware that the guy may be doubled up already, and that's why he didn't follow back..

Let's hear what the readers have to say.

The International Community Talks Back - Impeach Jonathan

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I complained the other day about EnoughisEnough Nigeria calling on the international community to sanction Nigeria [Read the Post] because of the misguided presidential pardons. Nigeria or Nigerians are not the ones to suffer for Goodluck Jonathan's ill thought out decision to pardon Alamieyesiagha, Bulama and Magaji, he should bear his load alone.

That is, if Nigerians themselves are up to the task. Impeach Jonathan, LA Times columnist Joel Brinkley calls in his recent article on the subject. Talking about Nigeria's opportunity to become a leading African country, he wonders how that will happen when all our leaders seem capable of thinking of is how to make themselves as stinkingly rich as possible.

Think about it: $81 billion a year just from the oil, while most every local government official still tells his people the nation just doesn't have enough money to fix the roads, schools or hospitals. (Roads are in such terrible shape that government officials generally travel any distance by helicopter.)

Immigrant wins $338M Powerball Jackpot in New Jersey

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Maybe it's time to start playing the lottery, I can really do with some cool $millions. Who wouldn't?

A 44-year-old immigrant from the Dominican Republic is the winner of a $338 million Powerball lottery jackpot in the U.S., and he's telling reporters in Spanish that he's "very happy."

Several media outlets were at the New Jersey liquor store, where the ticket was sold, on Monday when Pedro Quezada entered. They report that the store owner validated Quezada's ticket as a winner. Reports also identified his home country. The New Jersey Lottery confirmed that the winning ticket was validated at the store.

A lump sum payout would be $221 million, or about $152 million after taxes. It's the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history. Quezada told reporters that his first priority will be helping his family. His wife, Ines Sanchez, told the Bergen Record that Quezada called her with the news Monday afternoon. "I still can't believe it," she said. "We never expected it but thank God." []

Building Entrepreneurs Today - Third Edition Applications

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I just submitted my application for the YOUWIN program yesterday. It was gruelling, but I'm glad I stuck through with it, and I am really wishing I scale through. For others like me who are interested in starting small businesses and need initial startup capital, this is another opportunity.

BET is supported by Diamond Bank to encourage interest in entrepreneurship. 50 entrepreneurs from the numerous applicants will be selected to undergo a 30-day intensive Entrepreneurial Management Training out of which 15 Top breed entrepreneurs will be selected for Business Development Support. Five (5) outstanding applicants/entrepreneurs will qualify for the Next Level Award which is the sum of N3 million each as a capital boost in support of their respective businesses.

1. Applicant must have a fully functional business (at least 3months in operations)
2. Applicant MUST not have attended any entrepreneurial Management program at EDC.
3. The business must have high growth potential.

Click here to download the BET 3 application form. Completed application forms should be submitted to Interested applicants can also visit SMEToolkit or the EDC Website. Application to the program is open to the general public, and is from March 19 to April 5, 2013. Please spread the word to your family and friends.

Akwa Ibom Widows Demand Welfare From Governor

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Surely, a welfare package should have been written into the state budget as well? According to Vanguard;

Hundreds of widows in Akwa Ibom on Monday trooped to the Government House, Uyo, urging Gov. Godswill Akpabio to empower them financially to enable them establish small-scale businesses.

The widows, who came in buses from the 31 Local Government Areas in the state, could however, not see the governor. This was because the governor had reportedly travelled out of the state for official engagements.

Speaking to journalists, the President of the Akwa Ibom Widows Association, Mrs Sylvia Effiong, said that they decided to bring their case to the governor as they were dying in pains and hunger without anybody to assist them.

Effiong said that they had been watching through the television how the governor had been empowering other less-privileged people and they wanted to benefit from such gesture.

Having a Wedding for the Sake of The Ancestors

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Was I the only one who thought the reports of 8 years old Sanele Masilela's marriage to 61years old Helen Shabangu in Tshwane, South Africa, were, in the words of Twain, greatly exaggerated? I had seen the news several weeks before it went viral through the British tabloid media. Now they are sensationalising reports of the boy having dinner with his "wife".

What had made me read and flip the page was the part of the initial report that stated clearly that the wedding ceremony was not legally binding and was just a ritual prompted by the boy who said his dead grandfather whom he was named after wanted a white wedding.

If there's anything interesting about the whole thing, I think it's that their whole community is very supersitious, which is their own look out. Or, the boy is probably spoilt, and gets his way whenever he wants something. Naming him after his dead grandfather may have something to do with it sha. Therefore, no Babatunde, Nnenna, or Nnanna names for me :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

#WeJustCantDate - Reasons You Just Can't Date Him or Her

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‏Why can't you date one of those guys or ladies who has been on your case for the longest? Is it their kissing skills, their body hygiene, their spending habits, how they dress, or how social they are? Some of the reasons trending on Twitter are below. For more fun and games, leave your own in the comments :)

@MkpenimkeEkanem #wejustcantdate If Your Demand Culture Is Very High.
@TheEtnies_Jags: #WeJustcantDate if every guy on twitter is your boo, hunnie, baby..""
@lizzywindeck: #WeJustCantDate if u cant spend money on mi
@LarsShinyemba: #WeJustCantDate if you color block.
@mystiC_SLosH: #wejustcantdate if you snorelike a screen muncher tho
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Nike Oshinowo on her Endometriosis Experience and Infertility

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When we started discussing seeking medical opinion on not having children after we had been trying for long, I wondered if it could be endometriosis. Tests have shown my case is not that, but for a lot of women, Endometriosis has been recognised as the significant cause of their infertility. Even where a woman is able to have children or before she gets to that stage, endometriosis can cause chronic pelvic pain, and other gynecological problems.

Since she turned 40 and released her fitness DVD, Nike Oshinowo has been speaking out on her experience, and campaigning for more education for women and young girls on the reality of endometriosis. Nike Oshinowo spoke recently to Vanguard,

I have lived with endometriosis since the age of 13. I was sent to boarding school in England when I was seven. I went to prep school. It was during the first few days in secondary school that I began my periods (menstrual). They called the ambulance and I was hospitalized for 10 days because the pain started and wouldn’t stop.

Love and Marriage Can Mend Hearts at any Age

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Ijaw Leader and former Information Minister, Chief Edwin Clark, who is 86, remarried last week to well known medical doctor, Dr Abisola Sodipe Akindeko. Some parts of the wedding ceremony took place at his home in Apapa and the others at the bride's home at Okupe Estate, Maryland.

It seems Dr. Akindeko had experienced some tragedy in the past. According to Lindaikeji,

Dr Abisola Akindeko is the former best friend of Iyabo Obasanjo who lost two of her children in an assassination attempt on Iyabo Obasanjo's life. Dr Abisola's children were riding in Iyabo's car when it was attacked by hired assassins in 2003. The gunmen, thinking Iyabo was in the car, shot into the car killing the two children instantly. Iyabo and Dr Abisola had been riding in the doctors car, while the children rode in Iyabo's car.

I read somewhere that Dr Akindeko is now 53, she looks great for her age BTW, and is ready to move on. Marriage when young and deliriously in love is amazing, but love and marriage when people are older can be a blessing too. I wish the couple more health, more life and more years together in their marriage.

Ford Adverts Showing Women Bound and Gagged is Offensive

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The Kardashian sisters bound and gagged  with Paris Hilton driving. 

After online outcry, Ford and its Indian advertising agency have apologized for ads showing women bound and gagged in the back of a Ford Figo and admitted that they should never have been created at all.

One of the ads for the Ford Figo subcompact car is the one above showing caricatures Paris Hilton winking while the Kardashian sisters are gagged and bound in the back of the Figo. The other ad shows a different set of three scantily clad women gagged, bound, and crammed into the back of the Figo while Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi looks back from the front seat, smiling and giving the "peace sign."

The tag line at the bottom of both ads says, "Leave Your Worries Behind." IMO, the ads do not showcase this tagline at all. Instead they are offensive to women on so many levels. And to think this is happening in India barely weeks after tourists had been either raped or been victims of attempted rape. Let's not even forget the young lady that died last year after viciously being gang raped.

Dear Myne - I Don't Love My Fiance Like I Used To

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I’m a huge fan of your blog and I really admire your approach to life. Ok, here's the gist... I was dating this guy since my first year in the university and I equally assisted him in getting entry into school the next academic session. I loved him but we had unending issues for all the years we dated and I broke it up when I graduated. I felt we weren’t close any more, there was little or no communication, and I’m igbo, he's not. Also he became verbally abusive and to crown it all, he's a Muslim while I’m from a strong catholic home.

Now after I called it off, we never communicated for over a year and only reconnected early this year. I am a corp member now while he's about rounding off with his final projects in school. He wanted us to continue from where we stopped and hopefully get married.

After much thought, I obliged because the other relationship I entered after him didn't even last up to six months. My supposed lover who promised to mend my heart practically jilted me and got married few months later. I was wrecked and made a firm decision to find true love that is indeed true to the word.

Comments That look Real but are Spam Comments

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I could also title this post the scourge of the anonymous, but the truth is that sometimes, these spammers come and register blogger profiles, or they fill in a name with their link. But whether they come as Anonymous or as "seemingly" real comments, I'm writing this post to share with you guys how to recognise them and keep them as far away from your commenting section as possible.

So how do you know if the comments on your blog are spam? Obviously if someone post content that's not related to what you posted about, you can consider it as spam. Such comments as "Great Info! I Love it!! Will be back later to read some more. Can I add you to my Xanga group?" may not be unrelated, and will even stroke your ego as a blogger, but it is spam.

Some of the spam comments I just deleted are below

6 Reasons To Appreciate Your Mate by Z.R. Moore

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Appreciation is the act of giving something or someone their proper value, and everybody has value. Value in a relationship is important because it lets a person know where they stand, and what they mean to you; appreciation is a way of letting that person know these things. When someone is dedicated to a relationship, and they don’t know how valuable they are to that partnership it changes how they function, and how they operate in that union. When a person believes that you don’t value them they tend to devalue the relationship they’re in.

Relationships tend to develop problems when one of the partners doesn’t feel appreciated. The longer that person feels unappreciated the more likely it is that they may come to resent being taken for granted, so by purposely showing your partner that you appreciate what they do, you’re eliminating a lot of problems that can happen when you don’t. Here are some good reasons why you should show them how you feel.

Reason 1: It makes them happy
Most people enjoy doing things for other people, and many derive happiness from being generous and giving.It’s when they never get a thank you, or other acknowledgement, that they become disgruntled about doing so. Most people don’t need payment for the acts of kindness, and love that they do for you, so simply telling them how much you appreciate their efforts will make them happy. They can never hear this too much.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Awakening - The Movie: Now in Nigerian Cinemas

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It has echoes of Final Destination but the trailer shows that it is a totally Nigerian movie, even with ties to some time in history and to ancient gods or oaths.  I saw the trailers to this movie earlier and was impressed. Reading two positive reviews [here and here] made me publish this post calling on people to go see the movie for those in Nigeria. It seems they shot on a really small budget and had little left over for promotion. I think good producers and directors need to be encouraged, so go see the movie at your nearest cinema if you can.

I have contacted the director to ask for those of us who live in the US, if there is any chance that Awakening is coming soon to Amazon or Youtube for paid streaming? Or even Iroko+? There is also the option of Distrify? Nigerian movie makers should get with the diaspora audience already jare.

This is the blurb of the movie and you can watch the trailer below;

A story about a young man who suddenly starts to have strange dreams about people dying and discovers his dreams are actually premonitions to real life events. He begins to investigate his connection with the deaths and discovers a sinister plot by greater forces that have existed even before the foundations of this nation. Together with a top newspaper journalist, they race against time to find a solution to the strange events.

Uru Eke on Single Parent Upbringing and Her Kind of Man

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Uru Eke is an upcoming Nollywood actress. She used to work as a IT Consultant in the UK but moved back fully to work in the movie industry in Nigeria because that was what she felt more passionate about. She has been moving up gradually and and has now featured in several high profile movies including Last Flight to Abuja by Obi Emelonye. Uru Eke spoke to the BN Weekend interview crew on various subjects including her work, her family life, and thoughts on relationships. As you can imagine, I was very interested in the latter two. See some snippets from the interview and more pictures of Uru Eke below;

What kind of upbringing did you have?
I was raised in a strict environment. My Mum is a hard woman, no messing about with her. But she is my hero, my rock; I don’t know what I would have done without her. My Mum is the most positive person I know.

I notice you’ve only talked about your Mum. What about your Dad?
My Mum is a single parent but she did an amazing job. I don’t even feel like I grew up with a single parent. I turned out all right.

Real Love Story - Couple Find Love on Instagram

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Matt Fleming and Robin Coe

When I read this story on the MSN Heartbeat blog, it just melted my heart. With echoes of how I too found love online, I think their story is one worth sharing to encourage anyone out there still wondering about online dating and long distance relationships. Honesty, and a commitment to see as soon as you can is definitely key.

Matt Fleming and Robin Coe followed each other on Instagram, and though she had over 200K followers, she would sometimes comment on his pictures and reply to his comments on hers. In the winter of 2011, she shared a photo of someone walking a dog through Toronto's cold landscape which reminded him of his childhood in the midwest. He finally asked her to send him a private message.

"What's up?" she replied. This prompted Matt to send her an eight-paragraph email about himself and his childhood.

"He was just so endearing and sincere. I could feel the warmth in his words," Robin, 34, told The Heart Beat. "I'd long been struggling to find my place on this earth, and despite the differences in our individual circumstances, I could relate to every single word. I didn't hesitate to write back."

Pictures From Tuface and Annie Idibia's Island Wedding Reception

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Tuface and Annie leave wedding venue

After the wedding was complete, Tuface and Annie Idibia's mostly celebrity wedding guests socialized at the Jumeirah Hotel venue before heading off via a boat ride to their island wedding reception. Enjoy!

Watch Ay's Crib - Full Episode of August Visitor

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AY's Crib is a family sitcom from popular Nigerian stand-up comedian, AY. In this first Episode titled August Visitor, AY plays himself with Alex Ekubo as JJ, Bucci Franklin as KC, Justice Nuagbe as Ushbebe and Venita Akpofure as Mimi, AY's girlfriend.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Omotola Jalade Pays Tribute to Husband on Their Wedding Anniversary

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Omotola Jalade Ekeinde's new twitter profile picture

First it was the PDA at Omotola's surprise birthday party [Photos], and now the actress and wife of Matthew Ekeinde is speaking out in appreciation of her husband, whom she calls "a GOOD MAN".  Omotola and her husband are celebrating 17 years of being married, and it so happens that they got married on his birthday, so it's a double celebration. Omotola doesn't often talk about her family life [Interview], but when she does, she is always full of praises for how supportive her husband is.

Often we hear about the worrisome dysfunctional marriages, but in as much as all relationships have their ups and downs, there are quite a number of good men and happy marriages out there. I love that Omotola paid this tribute publicly to encourage those who need it, and also her good man. May we all get the good man we wish for.

Happy 17th anniversary to Omotola and Matthew Ekeinde.

See her tribute tweets below;

2Face and Annie Idibia’s Dubai Wedding Pictures

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Tuface and Annie after the wedding

Tuface and Annie Idibia's Dubai wedding event is currently going on right now, on the beach in the shadow of the Burj Al Arab. These are pictures being shared on social media by celebrity guests. Come back later for more.

Blast from the Past - Nnamdi Azikiwe and his Wife, Flora

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Pictures have a way of being the only things that survive when we pass on, and as someone who loves taking pictures, I also love looking at them especially the ones from the past. I was able to find a few old pictures, [see Awolowo and HID on their wedding day] and once in a while I'll share some of the others with explanatory news clips I can find.

Nnamdi Azikiwe (November 16, 1904 – May 11, 1996), popularly known as "Zik", was one of the leading figures of modern Nigerian nationalism. He was head of state of Nigeria from 1960 to 1966, serving as the second and last Governor-General from 1960 to 1963 and the first President of Nigeria from 1963 to 1966, holding the presidency throughout the Nigerian First Republic.

For a man of Azikiwe's stature in the history of Nigeria, not much is known about his first wife, Flora, or his family life. However, a few snippets crop up here and here. According to Emeagwali,

Dear Myne - My Girlfriend is Older and I'm Not Ready For Marriage

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This request came in through facebook, and it is from a guy this time.

Hello Mrs. Myne, I've got a lil issue thought you can help with it. I'm 27, haven't had a stable relationship for 5 years, virtually since I knew about the dating thingy. Some years back I met a lady in a bus, we got talking, after which we became friends later. I made a move, she turned me down saying she's engaged. That she kept saying for 3years, but I persisted.

Then luck shone its beauteous face on me, she gave in late last year, telling me that the guy has no plans for her that she's come to love me more than him. Enough of history, now lemme break down the main issues:

1. She's 30, I could care less about that, but my folks and siblings, I don't know what their reactions will be, my mum especially.
2. My girlfriend doesn't know I'm younger, because of my sense of maturity and humour (I've actually dated older ladies before her).
3. Thirdly, my plan is to walk a lady down the aisle only when I'm 30, that's 3 years from now. That's one big thing to ask from her I think!

I await your kind response! Thanks a lot.

Watch Gidi Up Episode 5 - Beautiful Sweetness

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Gidi Up is a thrilling adventure centered around the lives of four friends in pursuit of happiness, success and independence. However, a few wrong choices quickly turn their Lagos dreams into a Gidi nightmare.

In this episode of Gidi Up, Tokunbo and Eki discover they have quite a bit in common and bond over cocktails while the consequences of Obi's poor decisions begin to catch up with him.

Music by DRB-LasGidi -- Selecta ft. Shank; and Bemyoda - Faded Grace

Catch up with Episode 1 and 2 HERE, Episode 3 HERE and Episode 4 HERE.

Morris Chestnut and Halle Berry in The Call - Premiere Pictures

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Morris Chestnut and Halle Berry make a cute screen couple in their latest movie, The Call, doing much better at the box office than expected. In the movie, Halle Berry is a retired 911 operator who must confront a killer from her past to save the life of a kidnapped young girl. Morris Chestnut is her police officer boyfriend. Enjoy more pictures from the premiere below.