Friday, February 8, 2013

When a Guy thinks the Lady knows Everything

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My friend is a very pretty, intelligent, and confident lady who makes her own money. She is also a single mum who is on the dating scene. You would think her job or money was the sticking point for guys, but no, it is how well rounded and versatile she is intellectually and emotionally. She left this status message and it got me thinking, is this really an issue?

I need help! I met this dude a while back, we've been on a few dates, spend time on bbm, many phone calls, and many "oh-my-goodness-I-can't-believe-you-have-two-kids-you-are-so-pretty" compliments (heehee!). So here I am thinking a relationship is about to begin...until I got a text a minute ago.

Apparently, he was sending it to his friend but he mistakenly sent it to me. Text: "I like her a lot, I think I even love her but she is one strong woman, she knows everything. I feel like I'm never going to be able to add real value to her. I don't think I'm man enough to handle her..." Biko, what is he talking about???


  1. I guess the guys wants to feel needed. Sometimes men want to play that knight in shining armour where they rescue the woman and she depends on them to some extent.
    Hopefully she will find someone who will love her despite being a "strong" woman who can stand on her own two feet. (its actually something to be admired in my opinion)

  2. God knows I don't understand men.It's for this same reason I haggle about my monthly allowance from my husband even if I don't really need it...there are people that earn lower than me in my office&their wives don't need to work....I even go as far as playing pranks of not buying groceries till he has dropped money...all to just massage his ego&make him feel extra-ordinary...eish!!!

  3. No one knows everything, if he says this, he doesn't know and understand the woman well, or he's insecure. Not a good look.

  4. "...I feel like I'm never going to be able to add real value to her."

    If either party cannot 'add real value' to the other, they both simply have no business being in a relationship.

  5. Some men cant seem to handle women like you. He's probably insecure and will always be.

  6. If you like him, please show more of your womanly side, men like to be needed, you know?

  7. Na wah o. Men if u show dependence on them they say u shud have something of ur own. U have something of ur own, he is now scared he will never add real value to her. He shud know that she is a mum. So if she is doing anything it is times 2 because of her kids. The guy wan run joor. He is looking for excuse. If she tries to be dependent on him, he will find another thing to say. Like, she wants him to be like a father to her kids and he didn't sign up for that. When a woman has kids, her outlook to life is different from those that don't.

  8. I'm glad he knows where he stands. They are not right for each other. For every strong woman, there is a stronger man. Good he doesnt intend to waste her time by marrying her and secretly loathing her for being super woman.


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