Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Are Nigerians - The Amalgamation Documentary

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Are we really one Nigeria? The Journey to Amalgamation documentary is about the journey to the creation of modern Nigeria. It takes viewers from the early empires and great city-states to the legends of pre-colonial Nigeria and the stories of those individuals who fought valiantly to preserve the sovereignty of of the different nations of Nigeria in the face of colonial rule. The also cast the British business empires as the greedy *** that led the colonial charge, but also truthfully, as the opportunity makers through which rose the first generation of men and women that fought for Independence.

I found the documentary very informative and educational but I would have been very prouder and more inspired to watch it if Nigeria after amalgamation 100 years ago, the country was at a better place for more of the people that make it up. Till today, agitations remain about splitting up the country, the labor of our heroes past seems to have been in vain.

For what it is worth, I salute the people who made the video, the collection of pictures and stories is now set together for all to see, forever. We need more documentations like this. Watch and know more about our history...

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