Friday, March 1, 2013

Tonto Dike Releases New Single - Jeje

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Tonko Dike is a Nollywood actress who recently ventured into the music industry with two singles “Its Over” and “Hi” released in October 2012. She has just released another single titled “Jeje” and it is produced by Jospo.

First off, congrats to Tonto and kudos on her hardwork.

Jeje is a danceable tune with an up-beat tempo but the vocals, while stronger than her previous offering still has a long way to go. Or maybe it's the overwhelming auto-tune? I won't be surprised if this goes on to become a hit like the others though :)

Listen and decide.


  1. Whatever happened to the days when people did music because they had a passion for it therefore very willing to practice, practice and be good at the art? These days once you have the money or a sponsor, you just go out and release whatever it is on your mind with lyrics equaling a number a tweets. At least she can scratch out doing music from her bucket list.

  2. Theres no link for the song o.

  3. hmm, I think I agree wit ur verdict Myne

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