Sunday, February 3, 2013

To Nigerians in Nigeria or Diaspora - Let's Get to It!

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If Nigeria is a game, are we on the same team? If we are, then let's start acting like that. It's time to get out there, and get to it! Done't stop believing, create a better dream and keep going, and keep going. What will we create that'll make Nigeria more awesome? Nothing if we sit here, talking and doing nothing. This is your time, this is my time, this is OUR time. We can make Nigeria a better one for each other. If we're on the same team, let's act like it. We have work to do, we can cry about it, or we can dance about it. We can get out there, and get to it!

Above is paraphrased from the video below. I did a little blog round today and saw that Atilola's post I'd read last week got a response from T-Notes, one that tugged at my heartstrings. And then I saw this video at Didi's, and it said everything I had been trying to say on Naijalines post, but in a much cooler way. I can't beat the kid president, I guess. Hear him...

We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Kid President, knowing this, has put together a video you can play each morning as you wake up or to share with your friend who needs a kick in the right direction. Take a moment and spread some encouragement.

"You've just been pep-talked!" I hope you enjoyed it, and if so spread the word, share!

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