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My Interview With The African Street Writer on Style

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Like I told Chizitere Ojiaka who conducted the interview, I'm probably the last person to ask about style, but she insisted and I obliged. Enjoy...
When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, many writers are branded with the stereotype of being very eccentric and untrendy. Most people say it’s just how writers are built, while others think it’s one of the rules to making it as a writer, you must have a weird or signature style.

In other beliefs, some say that having to juggle many characters at once makes them stay simple so it’s easier to build theirs without too much influence from they, the creators. The theories and explanations are numerous but that’s not what we’re here to discuss anyway.

Today, we’ll be taking a sneak peak at the life of one of the hottest best selling names in the world of romance writing. She goes by the pen name Myne Whitman.

Myne Whitman is a Nigerian born novelist, currently living in the United States of America with her husband. She is the author of “A heart to mend” and “A love rekindled”, Editor in chief of “Naija stories” website and a well seasoned blogger (
In a short interview with “The African Street Writer” she revealed a few secrets about her style to us. She brands her style “Easy” but in my opinion, I’d say Myne is a unique lady. Here’s what she had to say:

(TASW):               How would you describe your style and what inspires it?
(MW):                  My style is very simple and I’d say it is inspired by my personality. I am a simple person, I don’t like a lot of fuss around me and that also affects my style. The less embellishments and accessories, the better.
(TASW):               Would you consider yourself a fashionista?

(MW):                  Not at all, LOL…In fact I am the opposite of a fashionista! I do not know the trends of the day; I don’t pay enough attention I guess and the details of brands and colors and what goes with what just escapes me.

(TASW):             When you write do you style your characters?

(MW):                  Unfortunately, I don’t. When editing, I try to add some of that as I know it rounds off a character and affects how fully realized they are in the minds of the readers. But I do the barest minimum so I don’t get called out.

(TASW):               Does your style influence your works or is it your works that influence your style?
(MW):                  My work influences my style I’ll say. I currently work from home as a full time writer and blogger so often, I remain in casual top and jeans for most of the day, or even in my pyjamas if the muse is really moving me that day. On the days I do go out for one event or an errand, it is harder to make the effort.

(TASW):               What item can you not leave the house with?

(MW):                  I usually carry my handbag, but the most important item in it is my wallet which contains my ID, cards, etc. If I have to do without the bag, I’ll take my keys, glasses (if I’m driving) and wallet.

(TASW):               Do you consider your style easy or difficult to maintain?

(MW):                  No two ways about it, very easy.

(TASW):               Do you think your career affects your lifestyle in any way?

(MW):                  Yes it does. It means I’m more sedentary than most, even office workers may get more time to stretch their legs than I do. So I consciously have to make time to take walks, get exercise, have vacations, etc.

(TASW):               If you were to describe your lifestyle in one sentence, what would you say?

(MW):                  Taking it easy, and maximizing life at the same time.

See full interview at the African Street Writer website.


  1. Interesting interview and that's a nice picture, one of the best I've seen of you.

  2. Myne, you look fab! your nails look happy and healthy. I like the beads.

    1. Lol I had to go back and look for the beads I thought you were referring to those red beads lol

    2. Thanks Havilah.

      @Anon, and now I'm wondering where the red beads are?

  3. Nice interview. Your simplicity shines through your blog if that makes sense.
    You look so pretty. I'm so JEALOUS of your nails. They looks so long and healthy.

    1. Thank you, Ani. As for the nails, they were on their best behavior then :)

  4. Pretty cool Myne! Loved your responses to the Q's.

  5. You look good. I like this pic of you

  6. Nice picture Myne, I agree you're very simple lady.


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