Thursday, February 7, 2013

Menu Ideas - How to Make Amala, eat with Ogbono

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I've blogged about how I prepare my ogbono soup with Okro and this is a continuation. Most Nigerian soups are eaten with a variety of foo-foo, from poundo yam, cassava, amala, and eba. Some have added blended oatmeal to the list as well as mash potatoes. Today's menu idea is using amala, which is dried yam flour, also called Elubo by Atala. The preparation is simple;




1. In a medium sized pot, bring the water to a slow boil. Also heat some water in an electric kettle, or set aside some of the boiling water in a cup.
2. Add the Elubo flour to the water in the pot, and stir.
3. If it is thick, add some boiled water from the kettle. If too soft, add some more elubo.
4. Continue to stir until you get your desired consistency, it should ideally be smooth in texture without lumps.

Your meal is ready. Amala can also be eaten with other soups, but I enjoy it best with either Okro, Ewedu or Ogbono, and sometimes with tomato stew.



  1. This amala will make me go and look for Elubo to buy. It's been years since I ate it last. I am wondering, can Amala be eaten with vegetable soup?

  2. Yes it can, its by choice sha but personally I don't like amala with vegetable soup. Wither with ewedu, ogbono or gbegiri but u can try it and find out if u will like it sha.


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