Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Myne - How Do I know if She's Interested in Me?

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Good day Myne. I m an avid follower of your blog. I love your topics as I can relate to and I've learnt a lot from many of them. If I am asked to describe myself, I would say I am an hopeless romantic who still believes in real love. I was first attracted to a girl when I was a teenager at an annual religious convention. I saw this girl from afar twice and have not seen her since then. But though I didn't have any means of contacting her, I was madly in love with her for 6 yrs.

Late last year, I met a girl in my neighbourhood in Lagos on my return from my national youth service. I didn't quite fall in love at first sight but I kinda liked her and wanted to get to know her more. She began coming around more often - in the evenings, - to watch films on my laptop. She was so free with my cousins and aunt and the neighbours when she came that I thought she had always been coming around during my absence. I didn't know then but I later discovered she only began coming around while I was there.

I tried getting to know her slowly to become friends, asking questions but she either gave curt replies or stayed engrossed in the film she was watching. Things went on like that for some weeks until my younger Bro came back from school. Knowing full well about my intentions with the girl, he still decided to embark on his playing skills. Soon they began calling each other, sharing pictures and chatting intimately on a social network. I did all I could to remain calm under the situation but I couldn't help the occasional irrational jealous fits once in a while.

I later dropped the attempt to get to slowly know her and asked her out immediately. Her response was she was not ready for dating yet. But when I eventually got her social network ID I found out she has a guy she even abbreviated his name with to form her rooms nickname. I have decided to just let go but I find I am so hung on this girl. I do not want to be hung for another 6 yrs on something that would not materialize.

I need help to understand the situation, cos I find myself justifying her actions sometimes and if possible help in getting over her. I am just so lost!


  1. I also kind of justify her actions, I think you wasted too much time and another struck faster. It's now late for you. sorry.

  2. She seems immature. Not worth the chase at all. Especially if she is willing to play games with your brother. Whether she likes you or not is not the issue right now, but whether she is even worth your time.

  3. Hello myne...I really like ur blog.I ve discovered abt 3 or 4 other blog from urs.I was goin thru naijamum in London's blog and ppl were complimentin her abt a post/story that was on ur blog.I think the title is a brave heart(not sure).can u pls pls pls post the link for me?I ll like to read it.thanks


  4. Lol @ "I do not want to be hung for another 6 years" I know right

    Well, I can relate to your story in some way. In cases like this, it's imperative we know to what extent we are to wait for the person we love to reciprocate what we feel for them. . I said this because sometimes, "waiting" can be difficult and can cause a great deal of pain in our hearts and blind us to the person we ought to share our "love" with. To save yourself of emotional painand trauma, I'd advise you let go, move on, and fix your heart somewhere (someone who not just excites you but makes you happy). C'mon, you can't be in a competition with your younger brother over a girl. It just doesn't make sense...

  5. Dear Myne.I found naija mom in London's story on google.thanks

  6. Hmmm... this is quite easy. One thing is this; don't build castles in the air. You should have tried to know her first before dreaming of having her as your girl. It's obvious the girl is a flirt. Guard your heart or it'll be broken... guard it well.


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