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Goldie was Married - Husband Andrew Harvey's Interview and Facebook Album

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Goldie's husband, Andrew Harvey, had preferred to be private and stay out of his wife's professional and public life as an artiste and musician. Now he has spoken out to try to quench the gossip trailing Goldie's death by sharing a Facebook album of their time together..

Looking at their pictures made it as real as it could get. From the date marks on the photos, they've been together for up to ten years, and in the pics, as I saw the woman, Susan Harvey, so real, so happy, my heart was broken all over again. She was truly beautiful.

See the entire album on Facebook - Memories of my Darling Wife

Andrew Harvey's interview with NETNg below;

When did you wed her? And were you still married as at when she passed yesterday?We wed in December 2005 and were very much married when she passed indeed I was talking to her on arrival in Lagos before the fateful event
I see you moved back to England. Do you have another family?
I work in Malaysia, we have a private home in UK, I do not have a second family
Also did you have kids together?
No kids, we were planning this year
There had been speculation for many years that she was married to an ‘oyinbo’ man. But no one could lay hands on anything. Why did you keep it a ‘secret’?
Our private life is nothing to do with work life, there has to be a balance
How did you hear of her death? I found out you last saw her in December?
I was talking to her on arrival in Lagos before the fateful event
How did you meet her? She must have been very young…
I met her at a friend’s leaving party and fell in love straight away, but had to work hard to persuade her I was genuine
So you will be planning to come here for burial rites…
Yes I have applied for visa and shall come next week
But how did you manage the Prezzo drama?
Prezzo was part of BBA game, just like in the movies, there was nothing to fear
But funny it dragged way beyond BBA
It dragged because the media dragged it, other wise it would have died naturally. Prezzo will say anything to get attention
Do you think he fell in love? And did you ever think Susan liked him for a minute…?
People fall in love and it’s not impossible to love more than one person, but there are different levels. She liked him initially, but began to despise him and distanced herself as he tried to use her she complained he was very manipulative
How did you come about your alias ‘Oyibopeppay?
Oyiiibopeppay is a name used in the villages for white man getting burned in the sun. I used to work in the bush erecting BTS for MTN and Glo
You have direct access to her password? The memories album was posted on her twitter. Or you requested for an admin to post?
I am an official admin. I don’t need any password but my own. It was authorised by Goldie
One last question: so much speculation on cause of death. I see from your facebook timeline that you’ve followed the reports. Have the doctors/family/label told you what the cause of death is?
An autopsy is being carried out and we will await results. The rest is speculation and hearsay
And did she have any medical condition?
She had no medical condition,
Is it true she was in India recently?
She was in Malaysia, we spent Christmas together away from prying eyes
What will you miss most about her?
Everything, she was the most beautiful person I ever met, no moment was wasted. Sweet, intelligent, sexy and a magnificent cook!!!!
And she was a determined young lady…
Very. That’s what I liked about her


  1. waoh..never knew she was married. May her beautiful soul rip.

  2. surprise! Never knew she got married. Rest in peace Goldie

  3. Oh My GOD, I neva knew Goldie got married.

  4. I would say both of them handled that well.impressive cos they wanted d focus to be on her music.RIP Goldie

  5. So wat was the treatment and God knew you were tired"lines prezzo used in the poem he wrote on her facebook wall..ds whole thing eh, na wa! RIP

  6. Pple kept saying bullshit about her guess this will kip dat hole dey called mouth shut,I pray God giv her husband family nd we her fans D̶̲̥̅̊ heart †̥ beer D̶̲̥̅̊ loss RIP Goldie best nd best of naija female artiste

  7. wow! so her husband is her twitter admin. that means they had a very good relationship. i guess all the BBA thing was just a drama then! RIP Golden girl

  8. There's always more than meets the eye. Shows one can't believe everything one reads in the media. RIP Goldie.

  9. What a life! Adiue and always will miss you. Rest you merry.

  10. Una don start. Nigerians!

  11. Hmmm speechless! Dey were so inlove. 9ja won't just stop faking stories SMFH! nd one "Miss nkem"(Ho) on twitter is suppose to read this! Cos am sure she's got problem in d head. RIP Goldie... GOD knows best.

  12. Na wa ooooo wonders sha Never end

  13. I always wondered where an Ekiti girl got the name Harvey from...I always loved her for her privacy and like I used to tell my friends, no one knew anything about Goldie's life till BBA and even at that she only showed the world the kind of woman she is while still maintaining her privacy...Rest in the Lord, Goldie.

  14. She talked about Prezzo in this video though a lot of things don't add up maybe they had an open marriage maybe they had been separated and on the way to reconciliation we may never know since she is not around to tell her side of the story, may she RIP.

    1. Don't you understand? Of course she talked about Presso, it was a story for the media to run their mouth on and build her profile as an artiste.

  15. That means Goldie and her husband were truly inlove may God give him strength and bury his wife peacefully. RIP Goldie

  16. Hw cn 1 be married ds long &many didt suprisd....hw com all ds r comin out nw dt shes dead????

  17. There areno recent pics of Goldie and Her Husband. Y is that. I believe he's not saying everything. If they really spent Xmas together, they ought to have taken many pictures. Atleast we know how 24k looked like last year and a year b4. All those pics are over 5 years old.


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