Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finding Styles for Mid-Length Natural Hair

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Before I did the big chop to my hair, there was no transition, or any epiphany or decision to go natural. I consider myself lucky with regards to my hair, which I think I get from my mum, who has long and abundant healthy hair even now in her sixties. My hair is usually full and dark, the edges don't fall off easily, and it can grow.

As some of you have experienced yourselves, or may have guessed, it has not been easy for me to maintain my hair, and have it growing and healthy at an optimal level. And this is beyond that the hair is relaxed or in it's natural curly state. As a Nigerian who grew up in Nigeria, I am used to handing my hair over to salon stylists, and barely adding enough daily hair cream to get by. I'm now learning how to do it myself.

Let me not lie though, I still go to the salon regularly, maybe like once every couple of months for deep conditioning, a proper comb out, and sometimes to get the hair flat-ironed.

At this stage, I take it day by day, some days being better than others. There are times I actually seriously consider cutting it all over again to the half an inch it was after the big chop. I remember with fondness how easy it was running a comb through my hair and washing it daily during our road trip last year.

I can't do that these days and I miss it.

Apart from using bands to hold the hair back, or twists like I showed here and here, I'm really running out of ideas. I think it may be time to do some braids or a weave.


  1. OMG, there's so much you can do with your hair. Hold on, lemme go find some links for you.

    5 Quick n Easy Styles:

    3 Quick Styles for Short Natural Hair:


    1. Thanks so much for those links, the second especially is a life saver :)

  2. This blogpostcame at an opportune moment. Been asking the same questions myself. Wondering what to do now my natural hair has grown longer.

    I did some research and learned about micro-braids. On youtube, i watched a video of a lady who made her own microtwists herself, and it turned out beautifully.

    Again, there were nice twist-out styles. The truth is there are a whole range of videos on how to style kinky hair. I learned a lot from those tutorials. This weekend, I shall be twisting my hair for the first time since my big chop (which occurred about 3 years ago). I am a little nervous. But i already bought two packs of steel (clip-like) beads for styling my micro or mini twists. I have a picture in my head. i hope the actual hairdo turns out great.

    Good luck with yours too.

    1. Good luck. I'll check out your blog, maybe you can share pics? I do twists, have done about four times now. But it gets monotonous :(


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