Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dear Myne - Should I Ask Him For A Date?

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I met this guy recently and we exchanged business cards. That same evening he asked for a date for the following day. Though I would have obliged, he said he would close late, which meant i will be waiting for him at my office, so I didn't. He asked for another date but it was always late and am wondering if there is no weekends. Am just thinking if i should suggest weekend to him or ask him for a date one of these days as he has not called me since i declined his last offer.

This came in on the Setting P 101 and this was my response. "I think you should call and ask, maybe he assumed you always rejected him cos you weren't interested. However, try to do some background check, for instance, is he married, or have a girlfriend who he reserves his weekend for?"

What do you guys suggest?


  1. I would go with you Myne, she may have left him with a wrong impression of her. But her approach would matter, she should not make herself look cheap in the process.

  2. He's asked you out twice
    so i doubt you would be bothering him
    Just check though to see if he's married or engaged
    I assume you are looking out for a responsible young man
    Just be friendly and chatty, there is nothing wrong with
    getting to know him. You can get to know him and still
    decide that he won't do, just be polite and firm is all.

  3. I agree with Myne! Just do as she has advised.

  4. Call him up and act like your checking up on him,that way he knows he still has a chance. Besides he might be excited about meeting you that he wants to go out and know you better and can't wait for the weekend to come...

  5. Yes, I think Myne's right. The guy may have taken a cue from your responses so far. But you should call him, and don't be too forward asking him. Just let him know you still have him in mind...maybe he'll ask again and then you can outrightly tell him it's late and how about the weekend? Wish luck!


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