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AY and Mabel Makun on Marriage - Follow Your Heart

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How long have you both been married?

Mabel: We got married in 2008. That was five years ago.

How tough was the wooing process and how long did it take for her to accept to be your girl?

AY: There was actually no such thing as wooing process when I met her. All I wanted was for her to be a part of the beauty contest that I was organising. I was still a student and even continued with the pageants after graduation from the Delta State University. She did not waste any time in turning me down because she was a fresh student who was busy going about her activities on campus. We soon became friends the following year, we clicked naturally. In the last eight years, she has been my best friend, girlfriend, wife, soul mate and baby mama.

What attracted you to AY?

Mabel: When I got admission into the Delta State University, I started hearing about a guy called, Ayo Makun, who was the organiser of The Most Beautiful Girl in DELSU pageant and DELSU Achievers Merit Awards. When I finally met him, I realised that apart from been a very hardworking man, he was also very talented and intelligent. I also found out that he lost his parents while he was still in school, but managed to stay focused while he saw himself and his siblings through school. That simply became an irresistible attraction.

 Apart from being his wife, what else do you do?

Mabel: I am a trained business administrator and a director with Corporate World Entertainment LTD. I also run an interior company known as Midas Interiors Ltd. It was an interior business I started in 2011, but my immediate concentration on family life has not allowed me give it the fullest attention.

AY and Mabel with Daughter

How do you cope as a comedian’s wife knowing that he gets a lot of female attention? Do you sometimes get scared that he might give in to temptation?

Mabel: There is nothing much about been a celebrity’s wife. As for my husband, getting a lot of attention as a celebrity from the opposite sex is normal and it is only natural for me to feel funny sometimes. But I sometimes get some form of reassurance knowing full well that he has the fear of God. I always pray that God would give him the grace to overcome any form of temptation that comes his way.

Your wife is beautiful; do you sometimes grow cold feet knowing that quite a number of men would do anything to have her?

 AY: I have always acknowledged the fact that my wife is adorable. She gets to hear me say that to her at any given opportunity. I honestly don’t grow cold feet because of any devourer. More importantly, my trust for her has formed the treasure and mental framework of our daily lives.

During courtship and before marriage, did you face any opposition from any quarters especially based on tribe?

AY: We did not face any form of opposition from any quarters; we got unreserved encouragement and blessings from our families.

How do you both cope coming from different tribes?

AY:  As a matter of fact, we hardly remember that we are both from different tribes. We are now living in a generation where a lot of families are beginning to connect with that fact. The most important thing is for you to follow your heart and enjoy a relationship that is founded on love, communication and understanding.

You are one of the very few entertainers who find delight in flaunting their wives at public gatherings. Is it deliberate and what is the rationale behind it?

AY: I really don’t know if flaunting is the right word to use, but if you are talking about me taking or carrying my wife along in all that I do, I will say it is an acknowledgement of the fact that the two of us have become one.  Apart from being logical, it is always good to take your wife out and keep the matrimonial flame alive. So anytime you see my wife and I at any event, just know that I am dating her all over again.

How have you both managed to keep your home especially with the high rate of divorce among celebrity couples?

Y: We thank God for keeping our home. We honestly cannot share the glory with God. He has given us the wisdom to always learn how to uncover issues. Whenever there is a misunderstanding between the both of us, we talk about it and apologise to each other.

 Do you involve a third party to settle your marital disputes?

Mabel: Bringing in a third party into your relationship is not the best. Although I remember doing that once, but the third party we are talking about wasn’t just anybody but someone that is highly regarded by us.

 How do you settle quarrels with her?

AY: I am not too proud to beg. I always apologise whenever I am wrong

 How do you both rekindle your love?

Mabel: The only time that happens is when there is a misunderstanding but once we settle it everything goes back to normal.

 What is the greatest challenge you have ever faced since you married AY and how did you resolve it?

Mabel: That would be staying at home alone whenever he travels for events. Apart from the fact that I get really bored whenever he is not around, I also worry about his safety but thank God for His grace all these years.

You are known to spoil your wife with expensive gifts, how often does she reciprocate?

AY: Yes I buy my wife expensive gifts and she does same too in her own capacity, the most expensive gift I’ve gotten from her was a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes she got for me last year as an anniversary gift.

 How do you both unwind?

Mabel: It all depends on the kind of relaxation that we both crave for. We may go on boat cruises to some private beaches, stay indoors to watch movies, go to the spa for massage.



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  3. I agree they look good together and there is this.natural.trueness about them.May their love never,amen.

  4. Interesting interview. I get to see another side of AY. Nice!


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