Sunday, February 24, 2013

50Cent Tries To Kiss Erin Andrews at Daytona500

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#thatawkwardmoment when @50cent attempted to kiss @ErinAndrews as she went to interview him during the pre-race event at the on-going Daytona500. Erin Andrews must not be such a big fan of the rapper and actor because gave him the cheek. He took like a gentleman though Twitter went wild, shifting focus from Danica Patrick and the other NASCAR drivers to +50cent and +Erin Andrews.

 GIFs and videos have already been made to memorialize the event :)


  1. MMMschewww.. Totally wrong. He wouldn't have kissed a male anchor. Nonsense. He was holding her inappropriately too.

  2. Why would he want to kiss her, are they dating even if...he is an ode.

  3. LWKMDFH!!! #ThatVeryAwkwardAndPublicElaMoment


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