Monday, February 25, 2013

15 Tips On How To Build A Healthy Relationship

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1. Choose a partner wisely and well. We are attracted to people for all kinds of reasons. They remind us of someone from our past. They shower us with gifts and make us feel important. Evaluate a potential partner as you would a friend; look at their character, personality, values, their generosity of spirit, the relationship between their words and actions, their relationships with others. [More - 15 Topics for Couples thinking of Marriage]

2. Know your partner's beliefs about relationships. Different people have different and often conflicting beliefs about relationships. You don't want to fall in love with someone who expects lots of dishonesty in relationships; they'll create it where it doesn't exist. [More - Expectations from Relationships]

3. Don't confuse sex with love. Especially in the beginning of a relationship, attraction and pleasure in sex are often mistaken for love. [More - Love is More than Sex]

4. Know your needs and speak up for them clearly. A relationship is not a guessing game. Many people, men as well as women, fear stating their needs and, as a result, camouflage them. The result is disappointment at not getting what they want and anger at a partner for not having met their (unstated) needs.  Closeness cannot occur without honesty. Your partner is not a mind reader.

5. Respect, respect, respect. Inside and outside the relationship, act in ways so that your partner always maintains respect for you. Mutual respect is essential to a good relationship.

6. View yourselves as a team, which means you are two unique individuals bringing different perspectives and strengths. That is the value of a team—your differences. [More - Teamwork in Relationships]

7. Know how to manage differences; it's the key to success in a relationship. Disagreements don't sink relationships. Name-calling does. Learn how to handle the negative feelings that are the unavoidable byproduct of the differences between two people. Stonewalling or avoiding conflicts is NOT managing them. [More - How to Fight Fair]

8. If you don't understand or like something your partner is doing, ask about it and why he or she is doing it. Talk and explore, don't assume. [More - Communication is not Mind-reading]

9. Solve problems as they arise. Don't let resentments simmer. Most of what goes wrong in relationships can be traced to hurt feelings, leading partners to erect defenses against one another and to become strangers. Or enemies.

10. Learn to negotiate. Modern relationships no longer rely on roles cast by the culture. Couples create their own roles, so that virtually every act requires negotiation. It works best when good will prevails. Because people's needs are fluid and change over time, and life's demands change too, good relationships are negotiated and renegotiated all the time. [More - Unrealistic Expectations kill Relationships]

11. Listen, truly listen, to your partner's concerns and complaints without judgment. Much of the time, just having someone listen is all we need for solving problems. Plus it opens the door to confiding. And empathy is crucial. Look at things from your partner's perspective as well as your own.

12. Work hard at maintaining closeness. Closeness doesn't happen by itself. In its absence, people drift apart and are susceptible to affairs. A good relationship isn't an end goal; it's a lifelong process maintained through regular attention. [More - What does Trust Mean to You?]

13. Take a long-range view. A marriage is an agreement to spend a future together. Check out your dreams with each other regularly to make sure you're both on the same path. Update your dreams regularly.

14. Never underestimate the power of good grooming. [More - Loving your Man Anyway]

15. Sex is good. Pillow talk is better. Sex is easy, intimacy is difficult. It requires honesty, openness, self-disclosure, confiding concerns, fears, sadnesses as well as hopes and dreams. [More - The Languages of Love]

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  1. Great list Myne. And number 1 will make doing every other thing on the list so much easier.

  2. Myne you are too much. I believe that if people will adhere strictly to all these, faithfulness from both the man and woman will be rest assured. Myne, you are a rare gem for outlisting these key factors for a better and faithful relationship. Kudos!

  3. Big kiss for this post Myne *mwahhhhhhh*

  4. Thanks for the links you added, I didn't know your blog had so many great posts. And your hubby is Atala?

  5. "Sex is easy, intimacy is difficult" Very deep! Great post. Great Great Great! Welldone Myne!

  6. I am still single, so I can follow these tips to choose a better partner and make the relationship stronger.


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