Saturday, August 18, 2012

Relationship Status Game - Pick A Fruit

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1.MANGO-happily married
2.ORANGE-single and searching
3:LEMON-having a sex partner,no strings attached
4.STRAWBERRY-in a relationship or marriage but in love with someone else
5.PEAR-still in love with ur ex
6.CHERRY-in a relationship for the wrong reasons,you just don't know why you still with the person
7.GRAPES-single and happy
8.PINEAPPLE-just like the person nothing serious
9.BANANA-in a relationship with the love of your life
10.CUCUMBER-in love but not sure what the outcome would be
11.GUAVA-in a love with some one who belongs to someone and u cant have him/her.

This was shared on my FB newsfeed and I wanted to play with you guys. If you prefer, the anonymous commenting is on. WHAT TYPE OF FRUIT ARE YOU?