Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Real Life Inspired my Books - Adauzo Uba (Guest Author)

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Adauzo Ijeoma Uba is originally from Nigeria though born in London. When she remembers growing up in Enugu, she recalls lots of good memories. She schooled in the Eastern part of Nigeria where she comes from before moving with her husband to live in Lagos. She is currently in London studying to have her doctorate in counselling and psychology. She says she is a staunch Christian but tries not to discriminate against others. As much as possible she lives by the teachings of her faith which is unconditional love for all, and forgiveness. Adauzo has recently published three books to help in her counselling work and in this interview, she talks about the books and what inspires her.

She Was My First Love

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Just like the queen of the night oozes its fragrance at night time, reminding it of a day that was beautiful and giving it hope of another beautiful tomorrow, so is this story of mine. A story of two young minds, finding a common understanding and appreciating the value of friendship, togetherness and love. Even though the forces of nature sometimes destroy the beauty of the world, we still appreciate the times that we were happy and thank God for giving us the good old memories to muse over and merry in.

The age was seven and the class was primary two. Significant things, difficult to forget happened that year. It was the first and only time I topped the class, it was the first and only time I won a prize and it was the first and only time I had an almost perfect friend and lost her.