Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear Myne - I'm not Sure he's being Honest

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Good day. Please I need some advice.

Some years ago, my ex-fiance got a girl pregnant and married her. I was hurt. I knew I needed time to trust again so I haven't been in a relationship for over 3 years. Early last year I was attracted to a potential boyfriend's best friend and to avoid issues I remained just friends with both of them. Met the guy I was attracted to again in late last year and the feelings came up again. I decided to open my heart again and I fell for him. He is a very principled guy, loves God, hasn't pressured me for sex but a part of me just feels that he isn't telling me something.

I met his Dad this new year and he invited me to a family gathering but I didn't go. My guy took offence and called me personally to express his anger. Instead of feeling like I was loved and accepted by his family, a part of me just felt that something wasn't right. My "boyfriend" is very secretive about his family so I did a little research and found out that his mum was a high ranking official and they were very conservative people, so I understood.

Success Stories of Marriages 20+ years Strong - Behind the Book

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My Review: You remember how the other day we were discussing whether divorce was trending and Atilola pointed out that a lot of marriages were still going strong despite the stats. This book is a perfect example of this, and it is quite encouraging to know that these are real people like me, living everyday lives. The books is a coffeetable book, with wonderful full page pictures of the couples, and by the other side, their stories and the marriage lessons are well perfectly distilled. While the photography is amazing, what has me often opening the book to one couple or the other are the nuggets they share. The oldest couple, married 73 years are so cute!

You have read the first part of this interview with Otis Sanders, the author of Always and Forever, Love. In this part, he shares what motivated him to embark on a love and marriage project.