Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Water Carafe from Uncommon Goods - Review

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Christmas is around the corner and it is time some of us begin to wonder what gifts to buy for others, or even for ourselves. Recently, I took part in the UncommonGoods Product Review Program and requested for a couple of products, a drinks Carafe and an alphabet necklace.

First off, the site was easy to navigate and I was able to browse around and find what interested me. I was also impressed when they arrived within a couple of days of putting in my request. I was interested in doing the review because I was first intrigued by the name, Uncommon Goods, and when I checked out the website I liked the variety they offered to shoppers with the wide selection of both regular and quirky gifts.

There are products available for both children and adults, and even Atala for whom it is very difficult to find gifts liked several things on the site. So, while navigating the site was easy, selecting the gifts to request was quite difficult. Why? Because there are so many really good looking and interesting products to choose from.

Should I get the Sari Bag, or the mugs that made funny faces, or an environmentally friendly manicure set? You can see more gift ideas for women here. Anyhoos, because I wanted to get something we could use in the house, we browsed mostly the home section and finally settled for the Carafe below.

This carafe caught my eyes due to the classic lines especially at the mouth, and I could just imagine how beautiful it would look on the table when being used. It has been put to the test a couple of times and has passed. Not just in looks but also in function. The glass is not too heavy, but not fragile either, I doubt it will break easily.

I currently have one glass carafe which is just a perfect cylinder with no bells and whistles, so for this one I wanted a more elegant design. This one is just right, and that wider bottom and narrow neck make it a great choice for pouring. Maybe the other one will solely be used for cut flowers, when Atala brings some home or we have company for dinner and have to make the table look extra nice.

A variety of the Uncommon Goods products for the home can be seen on this page. The prices too, like most of the products on are quite reasonable.


Disclosure - This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods who selected my blog and shipped free products to me for this review. The content of this post and the opinions expressed are mine.


  1. It looks to me like it will break easily myne. This review just reminded me that it's time to think about Christmas gifts. Thanks.

    1. Oh, I nearly forgot, Congratz on the freebies! You deserve everything for working so hard. Now off to their site to see gifts for women.

  2. Most glass ware will break in time but having used and washed this twice, it is surprisingly sturdy.

  3. I had never heard of the word Carafe until today! I would have called it a decanter if you hadn't told us what it was looks like learn something new everyday thanks for today's lesson Myne:)

  4. I think both words are interchangeable though decanter is more for wine and carafe for water.


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